Hiking Camelback Mountain

Hiking Camelback Mountain

Well, I ended up in Arizona for Thanksgiving after all. Ivan’s grandmother had a stroke and passed away earlier in the week, so I flew down Wednesday night for the funeral. The funeral was friday and on thursday we spent some time with a few of his cousins who were also in town to de-stress a bit.

We decided on hiking camelback, which I have to say, I really enjoyed. Ivan and I attempted to hike it last christmas, but I gave up really early. Now I’m in better shape from all the running I’ve been doing and was able to make it without getting super winded.

I certainly was sore afterwards though. I used all sorts of muscles that I’m not used to working, and was still feeling it a few days later.

Here I am cheesing it on the top. I was feeling pretty proud of myself.


This, this was my least favorite part. Most of the path wasn’t fenced and didn’t have railings, but this section was pretty much vertical. I was not a fan. At all.


Can you tell that I’m a big fan of pictures? It was just so gorgeous up there. I think I’d like to take up hiking. It was difficult, but it just felt so rewarding to finally make it to the top. Plus, you get to see that spectacular view.



One of Ivan’s cousins snapped the picture of us below. We hardly have any candid photos of us. I think this just might be one of my favorite pictures of us ever.


We’ll be back at Christmas and we might hike it again. It was a great workout and it would be a nice break from running all the time.