48 Hours in DC

48 Hours in DC

Well, it was a bit of a whirlwind weekend for us. We flew to DC early Friday morning and started apartment hunting. Our flight arrived in DC at about 8 am. Did you know that at Ronald Reagan Airport you land and then they bring out stairs for you to walk down onto the runway. They then bus you to the airport. I’ve never experienced such a thing. I felt quite glamorous – like a celebrity descending from a private jet. I highly recommend if you ever get a chance :)

Next we took the metro to our Air B&B (in Dupont) to drop off our bags. From there we headed out to tour some apartments. We grabbed a quick breakfast at a local bakery,  Bread Bite Bakery. We both went with bagel sandwiches and they were phenomenal. I also tried some Pineapple flavored Agua Fresca. So good. I’m going to have to learn how to make that.

From there we headed to Alexandria to tour 3 different apartment complexes. We grabbed lunch in between and then headed up to Silver Spring to check out a place. The apartments in Silver Spring were my favorite, but I don’t think they will work for us. Ivan’s commute would end up being over an hour and I don’t know if we’re really up for that.

After our final tour of the day, we headed back into DC to rest. We’d been up since 3 and we both were absolutely exhausted. After a well deserved nap, we headed out in search for some dinner. After walking for a bit, we stumbled on a great little Thai place, The Regent.

I went with Drunken Noodles and Ivan had chicken curry. Mine was the perfect level of spicy for me – I like my food with a bit of a kick.
After dinner we went back to the apartment and made plans to meet up with some friends later that night. We met them at 2 Birds 1 Stone and had a few drinks there. It was a interesting little bar. It’s in a basement and doesn’t really have a sign. When the uber dropped us off, I couldn’t find it at first. I wouldn’t have had any idea it was there if I had just been walking along.

After a few drinks, we headed over to El Centro. That bar was more my speed. They had a rooftop bar, mexican beers, fun music and delicious margarita (or so I’m told). We drank, danced and had a great time until hunger started to kick in. So to &Pizza we went.

Oh, &Pizza, I have missed you. &Pizza is the ideal drunk food. It’s basically Chipotle for pizza. You can put whatever toppings and sauces you want on it… and they have a ton of choices. It’s quick too – it’s a thin pizza, so they just slide it through a conveyer belt oven to cook it. I feel like every time we go out in DC, we end up in &Pizza.


At that point it was about 2am and we stumbled back to the apartment. I scarfed down about half my pizza to a new episode of Kimmy Schmidt and then headed to bed. Perfect end to a night.

The next morning was a bit lazy. We headed out at around 10:30 for more tours. We passed that bakery again on the way to the metro and popped in for more Agua Fresca and baked goods. I tried an apple danish and Ivan went with an almond croissant.

The three tours for the day were all in Maryland and we made it back into DC at around 3. It was time for a late lunch at that point and we tried a Salvadorian/Mexican restaurant down the street, El Tamarindo. We split an order of nachos and a plate of pupusas. We both have a huge soft spot for pupusas.

The rest of the night was incredibly chill. We took a brief nap and then walked around Adams Mogan and checked out a few record stores. I found a Ella Fitzgerald record and Ivan bought a Merle Haggard record. Then we went home and ordered a late dinner of chinese food and walked some Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown. Our flight left at 6 the next morning, so we didn’t want to be up too late.

We were up at 4 on Sunday morning and headed straight to the airport. Our flight left at at 6 and we arrived in Detroit by 7:25. We made it back to East Lansing by 9, and picked up Kidd from my parents. From what they told me, he had a great weekend too. I spent most of Sunday sleeping on the couch watching Criminal Minds reruns on netflix.

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  • Oh my gosh pupusas! One of the medical assistants I used to work with would make those for us. I haven’t had them since. Yum!

    • I’m OBSESSED with them. There is this food truck by us that makes the BEST pupusas. I tried to make them a few times… but they didn’t turn out right. I think I need to try a new recipe :)

      The Midwest Darling

  • Darcy

    How fun!! I would love to get there one day for a long weekend!

  • oh my gosh seriously every single thing i was like that looks amazing that looks delicious haha. &pizza sounds fabulous, and that bagel sandwich looks divine. i am so hungry right now. that sucks about the apartments you liked being too far of a commute. sometimes i wish i had a train commute so i could read the entire time, but i know it would get old super fast, especially if it were that long!

    • See, I would like the time on the train. I would just read and have some “me” time, but Ivan HATES the idea. Oh well. We’ll just have to keep our eyes open for something that works for us both :)