$60 Weekly grocery Budget: Meal Plan & Recap 10/18

$60 Weekly grocery Budget: Meal Plan & Recap 10/18

This week I had the chicken breasts I picked up for $1.77/lb last week to work with, so I was able to stock up on frozen turkey burgers and some pantry staples for the upcoming weeks.

Total Spent on Groceries this week: $60.06

What I Bought: Bananas, 1 can of Garbanzo Beans, 2 cans cream of mushroom soup, bottle of Red Hot, Packet of 3 Pizza Crust Yeast kits, celery, 1 package of cream cheese, 1 dozen large brown eggs, 1 carton of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, sodium free chicken base (instead of chicken broth), Johnsonville turkey brats, blue cheese crumbles, 1 box of frozen turkey burgers, red grapes, vanilla extract, sesame seeds, 1 package of egg noodles, 1 package of shredded cheddar cheese, 2 lbs of grapes, 3 lb bag of clementines, 4 different spices, 1 box of cereal,


Main: Grilled Turkey Burgers
Side: Fresh Grapes & Salad

Verdict: I had planned to make white chicken chili Sunday night, but Ivan wanted to grill up some turkey burgers I bought at the store on Sunday. We had them with fresh red grapes and a quick garden salad. We buy the Jennie-O Original turkey burgers. I like to get the unseasoned ones because they don’t have all that sodium. We season them ourselves before throwing them on the grill.


Main: Buffalo Chicken Pizza courtesy of Budget Bytes
Side: Salad

Verdict: Um, hell yes. This will be happening again. Not everyday.. obviously, but maybe for a football party? Yes. This would be a huge hit at a Super Bowl party. We devoured this pizza. Sorry about the crappy picture, but I just really wanted to eat my pizza and not figure out the best lighting.


Main: Tuna Noodle Casserole
Side: Salad

Verdict: Okay, so in retrospect it was a bad idea to have pizza and then this casserole the next night. It was good, but the next morning I was feeling pretty sluggish and icky. Note to self – don’t have to unhealthy dishes back to back.


Main: Soy Sauce Shredded Chicken with Rice courtesy of Recipe Tin Eats

Sweet Soy Sauce Shredded Chicken Breast with rice for dinner! Recipe courtesy of #recipe_tin! #yummy #noms #foodporn

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Verdict: This was pretty good. Ivan especially was a big fan. I used apple jelly (what we had on hand) and shredded chicken I made in the crockpot a few days before. It would have been better if I had cooked the chicken in the sauce like I was supposed to, but sometimes it’s all about convenience.


Main: White Chicken Chili
side: Jalapeno Corn bread courtesy of Budget Bytes cookbook

Verdict: I make this a lot. I start it out with Carroll Shelby’s white chicken chili box mix. It doesn’t have any sodium in it, which I love. The recipe also doesn’t use any sort of cream, so it keeps it’s pretty healthy. I usually make it in the crockpot, but I just made it on the stove this week. I added in onions, green peppers, corn & a can of white beans.

Friday & Saturday

Our plans got a bit screwed up this week because on Friday Ivan ended up working late. I picked him up a sandwich on the way to taking Kidd to the dog park and dropped it off. Saturday was the MSU / UofM game and Ivan went to Ann Arbor to tailgate. I went to watch the game at a local bar with my friend and ended up splitting a pizza. Therefore we have some extra groceries left over for next week and ended up overspending on eating out. Oh well, things happen. Hopefully next week there won’t be any surprise.

  • things happen, exactly!
    that buffalo pizza looks amazing, and i don’t even like buffalo stuff haha. mmm man i am so hungry now.
    where does one buy a white chili box mix? sorry if that is silly, but i have never seen them and would love to try and make it.

    • I found it at meijer. You can usually find it in with the soup mixes or with the gravy mixes. There will be a lot of packets and boxes of prepackaged seasoning mixes. This one is in a white box :) You can see if your store has the white chicken chili mix on the chili company’s website :) http://www.carrollshelbyschili.com/stores

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