8 Ways to get Free & Cheap Kindle Books

8 Ways to get Free & Cheap Kindle Books

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1. Amazon Free Kindle Books
The first and most common place to find free books is Amazon. There are a number of independent authors that offer free books to readers. I would download/purchase anything that sounds remotely entertaining to you because these books don’t always remain free. Sometimes authors make books free as a promotional took for a limited time, so jump on it when you can.

2. OverDrive Through Your Public Library
My library has access to OverDrive. I’m pretty sure this is fairly common. It’s an online database that operates just like your library does. You can put books on hold and create wishlists. You can also sort through books that are “Available Now”. When you go to download a title, it takes you directly to amazon and you borrow it from the website. It’s very easy. OverDrive has a lot of very popular titles and is a great resource. Contact your library to see if they offer it.

3. BookLending.com
I’ve used booklending.com for a long time. You simply add your ebook titles to the site and then people ask to “borrow” them. You’ll get an email saying someone has requested your book and then you login and lend it. The lending is all done through amazon and is incredibly easy. Obviously you can also borrow books from others. You get to keep them for 14 days. The downside to lending is that you can only “lend” each title once. Remember all those free books you downloaded off Amazon? Add them to your BookLending account. Like I said before, those books won’t stay free forever and eventually someone is going to want to borrow them when they go back to full price.

4. Kindle Owners Lending Library
If you’ve got a Prime Account you are eligible to borrow one “Prime Ebook” each month. This is different from Kindle Unlimited, which is a monthly subscription.

5. Kindle First
Each month Kindle offers up four upcoming releases for free. You can only download one of the four books, but you get a free book each month.

6. Smashwords.com
Smashwords is a lot like the kindle ebooks store. It has a ton of titles available, including a number of free and cheap titles. You’ll mostly find independent authors and smaller publishing houses on this site.

7. Monthly Subscription/Borrowing Sites
There are 3 major book subscription sites out there. Think of them like netflix for books. You pay a monthly rate and are given access to a database of books to read. There is Scribd, Oyster and Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Unlimited and Scribd offer 30 day free trials and Oyster offers a 14 day free trial. There is also Entitle; but you aren’t borrowing the books with Entitle. You pay a monthly fee and basically purchase the books at a discounted price. It’s $9.99 a month for 2 books. Personally, I don’t like the setup. I’d rather have an unlimited access to titles or buy books at my own pace directly through Amazon.

8. Kindle Lending
Remember how I mentioned kindle Lending when I was talking about BookLending.com? Well if you have friends or family that purchase kindle books, you can share your titles directly with them. You can buy pass BookLending.com process and send the books directly to them.

  • fabulous! thanks for these, i only use my library really but i’m gonna sign up for kindle first and booklending.

    • you should! They have a lot of titles that you can’t find on OverDrive :) Thanks for stopping by Kristen!