Food Network Pit Stop: Baltimore’s Sip & Bite

When we went to Baltimore for the Gold Cup we decided to go a few hours early and grab lunch before hand. Ivan wanted to try crab cakes and I wanted to try one of the fantastic Baltimore diners that have been featured on tv.


We did a bit of research on the drive down and decided on Sip & Bite. This amazing little establishment was featured on Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives. They are famous for their crab cake sandwiches, so we knew we found a winner.

2 The diner had a really cool vibe, it was retro yet modern at the same time. They had all the fun diner touches, like the bar counter with the vintage red stools, but everything was very clean, crisp and cool.


The diner is a third generation restaurant and opened in 1948. From what I can tell they recently did a renovation, because it looks a bit differently in the diners, drive-ins and dives episode.
4 Ivan ordered the famous crab cake sandwich with lettuce, tomato and tarter sauce. Our waitress was awesome and helped us figure out what we wanted on the sandwich. She thought it was fantastic that we selected Sip & Bite for our first crab cake experience. She informed us we had to order it grilled as opposed to broiled or deep fried. Apparently that’s the best. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I do know that sandwich was beyond delicious.  6

I of course went with the lamb gyro. Because that’s my go to diner food. I just cannot get enough of gyros. We swapped a few bites though. I really wanted to try that crab cake and Ivan is always down for a gyro. So it’s all good. 5 I left feeling so stuffed. But it was worth it. If you’re ever in Baltimore, go check out the crab cake sandwich from Sip & Bite. Don’t forget to ask for it grilled ;)

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My Favorite Water Bottle: Contigo’s Madison Autoseal

Earlier this year I became semi-serious with running. My entire life I’ve hated running, but my two best friends are avid runners and they got me into it. Now I run, on average, 4 times a week.

With all of this running, it’s important that I stay hydrated. We’ve got a ton of water bottle floating around. Some we purchased and some were freebies from events.

My Contigo water bottle is my favorite of the bunch. I purchased a lime green Autoseal Madison Water Bottle from amazon about a month ago and it never leaves my side. It’s got a one handed button design, which I love. It’s just so slick. You just push the button in with one hand, tip it back and then drink. Release the button and it locks up.


It doesn’t have a straw, which is fine by me because that’s just one more thing to wash. It does have a built in clip though. I occasionally clip it on to my purse strap when I’m walking around the city and need both hands. If you don’t want to clip it, it’s got a handle on top thats easy to use. I know that sounds funny – how hard can a handle be to use… but you can seriously hold it with two fingers. I love it. It’s got measurements on the outside for convenience, but most importantly it does not leak. I’ve had this upside down in my backpack and it doesn’t leak. I usually lay it down beside me wherever I’m sitting and I’ve never had a drop of water come out. I honestly couldn’t ask for more from a water bottle.

Do you have a favorite water bottle brand? Ivan’s got a camelbak he got from law school. I like it, but you have to bite the straw to drink and I just find that awkward. They are very popular though.

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Food Network Pit Stop: Dangerously Delicious Pies

6 We walked down to Dangerously Delicious Pies the other night, which has been on the Food Network a few times. The Baltimore location was on Throwdown with Bobby Flay, The Best Thing I Ever Ate and… apparently Road Testing With the Neely’s (I have no idea what that is). I also recognize the owner, Rodney from The Next Food Network Star. He was “the pie guy” one season. Anyone remember him?

1 5 Anyways, the location we went to was never on the food network, but it’s the same thing. The atmosphere was quirky and cool, but we were actually a little bit disappointed with our pies. I went with the Strawberry Rhubarb and Ivan had the Sweet Potato Pie. I think we should have gone with the Baltimore Bomb. I ALMOST ordered it, but I changed my mind at the last minute.

2 3 4

Our pies were good, but they were in no way life-changing. We’ve decided to try it again before we leave DC. Next time I’ll try one of their savory pies as well as the Baltimore Bomb.

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H54F: Crab Cakes & Old Bay Wings

1. Attended the Gold Cup Quarterfinals
Last weekend Ivan and I attended the Gold Cup Quarterfinals for the U.S. vs. Cuba game. It was my first professional soccer game and I believe it was Ivan’s first as well. It was super hot out but we had a great time. Too bad the US lost to Jamaica, we were thinking about making the drive down to Philly to see them in the finals this weekend.

2. Tried my first Crab Cake & Had “Old Bay” Wings
While we were in Baltimore for the Gold Cup we tried our first crab cakes. I’m from Michigan and Ivan is from Arizona, so they aren’t really a big thing where we come from. Even if you could get them, they wouldn’t be fresh. I’m normally not a fan of seafood, but I really enjoyed the crab cakes. We had them in sandwich form at Baltimore’s Sip & Bite.  Then, on Monday night we drove over to this sports bar in Arlington for 59 cent wings night. They have 40 flavors to choose from and I just knew I had to try Old Bay. It’s like a way of life over here. Everything has Old Bay on it. And you know what? The wings were delicious.

3. International Spy Museum
Today, I’m finally going to the international spy museum. I’ve had my eye on this one for a while and I was able to get a great deal for the museum through Gold Star. Tickets are normally $21.95 but I was able to get one through Gold Star for $6. Have you ever used Gold Star? They have deals on tickets for all sorts of things. It’s worth checking out. They also occasionally send you gift cards for making pervious purchases. That’s how I was able to snag a ticket for $6. It was originally $12 ($16 with fees) but they emailed me a $10 coupon for using them in the past.

4. My Brown Wedges For Coming!
Do you guys remember when I expressed my new found love for crocs? I’ve been contemplating getting the brown wedges since I purchased the black wedges, but I still couldn’t make myself fork over $60-$70 for a second pair. Well, they are currently on sale on amazon for $38 (you can also get them at 6pm if you prefer) So naturally, I scooped them up. They are arriving today. Honestly, they are so comfortable. I walk around in them all day and don’t have any foot pain. Which is crazy, because I’m such a baby when it comes to heels.
Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 8.32.32 AM
5. Testing out this new Conditioning System
I have so many issues with my hair. It’s thin, its fine, it’s greasy and it’s dry at the same time. The bottom / ends of my hair are fried and dry, while the roots are super greasy. I have to wash my hair every day because of it. Which means I have excessive heat damage too. I regularly use dry shampoo, but I want desperately want hair that I don’t have to mess with on day two. I have a friend who has similar hair to mine and she recommended Macadamia Oil Flawless, a 6-1 conditioning system. It’s supposed to be this miracle shampoo that deep cleanses, detangles, moisturizes and refines texture.. among other things. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m hopeful, but I am skeptical at the same time. Has anyone used it? Apparently it was in birchbox at one point.

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The gold Cup Quarterfinals: USA vs Cuba

Last Saturday we drove to Baltimore for the Gold Cup quarterfinals. The U.S. was playing Cuba and Ivan was really excited about getting a chance to see them live.

1 I have to say, it was pretty incredible. I’ve never been a huge soccer fan, but I certainly enjoyed myself. They actually had the Gold Cup on display and I made Ivan take some pictures with me. He’s such a good sport with photos. I know he hates it, but he always does it anyways.

The US absolutely dominated Cuba, which was good… but a close game is always more entertaining. It’s too bad they choked in the semifinals. What WAS that?


We were talking about going to the finals, but now that the US is out we don’t really see the point.  It’s definitely something I’m glad I did and hopefully we can go again in the future. The stadium was really nice too. It’s where the Ravens play. We also spotted the Oriole Park while we were there. It was absolutely gorgeous – I’m definitely going to have to figure out a time to go see a baseball game there. Has anyone ever been?

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Food Network Pit Stop: Pupusa’s at the Tortilla Cafe

So, I love pupusas. Have you ever had pupusas? They are a Salvadorian dish – sort of like cheese stuffed tortillas. But way better than that sounds. Anyways, I found this random little restaurant online that supposedly had the best pupusas in the area.


The Tortilla Cafe was featured on Diners, Drive-In’s & Dives for these magical pupusas, so naturally we had to give it a try. You can watch a clip of the owner make her legendary pupusas on Diner’s Drive-In’s & Dives here.

1 Guys, they truly are magical. I’m so depressed that I didn’t hear about this place until now. We’re leaving DC on August 1st, which means this fantastic restaurant won’t be in my life for much longer.

5 It’s in the Eastern Market and if you’re ever in the area, you’ve GOT to go. It’s even super cheap. We spent $19 for two combination meals, 2 drinks and an extra pupusa for Ivan. WHAT? That’s unheard of in DC.

I’ll leave you with these glorious food shots. Here is my pupusa platter (I picked rice & black beans for my sides).

4 Here is Ivan’s burrito meal with refried beans and rice. 3

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Dinos & Diamonds: The National Museum of Natural History

I feel a bit ashamed that it’s taken me this long to visit the National Museum of Natural History. We’ve been here since mid-May and I just event to the museum last week. You see, I’ve been to the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History and I felt like you’ve seen one natural history museum, you’ve seen them all.

3 And if I’m being completely honest, when you compare the similar exhibits head to head, I feel like the Chicago museum easily outshines the DC one. The dinosaur and mummy exhibits are much larger in Chicago. However, I was incredibly impressed with the Human history exhibits. They have a gigantic section on evolution and it is truly incredible to see. They’ve got Lucy, they’ve got “the hobbit” and tons other skeletons and displays.

6 One of my favorite parts was the collection of to-scale models of humans from different times along the evolutionary scale. They set the heads on pedestals so that you can see exactly how high they would have stood. It was fascinating to see how much they’ve changed and just how short humans started out.
8 I was also pretty impressed with the skeletons from common animals of today. I know that sounds silly, but it was very cool to see everything is put together. They are animals you are used to seeing, but have no idea just how intricate their bones are. 7 I’ll be honest, I was intrigued and freaked out by the snake skeletons. I have a fear of snakes and the skeletons were just so… weird. But weirdly awesome. 2 The museum is also home to this little thing called the Hope diamond? It’s creepy and beautiful and very expensive. It’s worth an estimated $350 million, weighs 45.52 carrots and is over a billion years old. IMG_9659 The building itself was beautiful. Oh course. Everything in DC is gorgeous and grand. 5 And time for a quick selfie. because duh. 4 So yes, if you’re in DC try and make time for the Natural History museum. I’d recommend  the Chicago Field Museum for the dinosaur and mummy exhibits, but the Smithsonian museum has an incredible human history exhibit.  1

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