Weekend Recap: Spartan Spirit

How about them Spartans, huh? It’s been an exciting weekend here in MSU land. We’ve made it to the final 4 once again. East Lansing was absolutely buzzing last night. I just love March Madness, it’s always so exciting around here.

Speaking of Spartan spirit, I bought the coolest thing over the weekend. I was able to get my hands on a set of seats from the first row of Spartan Stadium. My parents also bought two sets, so here they are pictured with their seats.


Ivan and I are planning on putting our seats out by our fire pit, but I don’t know what my parents are doing with theirs. I don’t think they know; they just knew they wanted them.

When I wasn’t cheering on State this weekend, I was researching apartments in D.C. We’re having a heck of a time nailing down exactly what we want. We want to be in Arlington, because it’s such a short commute for Ivan and one of my oldest friends lives there. We even pinned down a building we’d like to be in, but finding the exact apartment is proving difficult.

The problem is it’s a co-op, so the pricing and interiors of the units are all different. We’ve found a few that we like, but the dates they are offering aren’t ideal. We’re trying to get something for 3 months, around May 10th – August 10th. I know we’ll find something, but I’m very impatient about this kind of thing.

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High Five For Friday: Home Improvements

1. Girls Night at Ultimate Painting
On Wednesday night two of my friends and I headed out to another Ultimate Painting. We had such a great experience last time that we decided to give it another go. It was a success! I am always so impressed to see what people can accomplish in 20 minutes. up

2. I Finished the Desk!
Remember that brilliant idea I had for reclaimed gym flooring? It’s finally finished! I’m so excited, I think it turned out fantastic.

3. We’re Working on Finding a Place in D.C.
So it’s official. We’re going to D.C. for thesummer. I’ve been obsessing over finding a place to stay. I’ve recently become addicted to craigslist, so I’ve been scanning the new listings every 5 minutes. For real. I’ve got an app on my phone, alerts set up and everything. I think we’ve found a place. We have it narrowed down to two places.

4. New Couch
So my fantastic parents gave me their old leather love seat. We finally got it moved last night. It replaced two black ikea poang chairs, that I was talked into keeping. Ivan likes them for “gaming”. So now they are hiding out in my laundry room. Oh, boys.

living2 5. To Sublet or Not to Sublet?
So like I said, we’re going to D.C. for the summer. D.C. is expensive and I’m not looking forward to having two rents PLUS my car payment. So my question is, should I sublet? We’ll be subletting in D.C., but I’m not crazy about people being in my house and using my things. I know that’s ridiculous, considering I’ll be in someone’s house using their things. But, I love my things. I have antiques from my grandma and fantastic kitchen equipment that requires delicate washing and so many Pinterest projects that I’ve spend hours and hours and hours on. I just don’t know what to do. I’m thinking about renting it out on air b&b. For some reason it makes me feel more comfortable to have people there for a few days instead of a few months. Plus, I feel like people will be more careful on vacation? I don’t know.

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DIY: Ikea Occasional Table

occasional Anyone remember those Ikea Occasional Tables? I remember seeing them the first time I walked into an Ikea. I instantly fell in love, but I couldn’t justify the $130 price tag. I filed it in my mind as a “someday purchase” and moved on with life. Well, I was finally ready to buy one last week but I found out they don’t sell them anymore. Can you believe it? I was heartbroken.

I simply had to make one myself. Now I am in no way, shape or form a know-it-all when it comes to DIY projects. But I figured I could tackle this. Here’s how I did it.

I found this tutorial on I Save A to Z and based my project off of it. Mine ended up costing a bit more than hers because I had to buy stain and buy two sets of brackets (whoops), but I still only spent about $60.

First I bought a 2x12x12 board from Menards. I can’t remember what kind of wood it was, but it was $15. Be sure to check that the board is flat. You’ll have a hell of a time with this project if your board is wrapped. Just lay the board on the ground to check to see if it’s flat. Mine was a little off on one end, but overall, it was pretty good. Also, if you’re going to stain it, make sure you like the wood grain. If you’re going to paint it, don’t worry about it. It will be covered up anyways. You can have an employee at the store cut your boards for you. I did, it’s much easier to transport the project in smaller pieces. I have a full size bed and cut my board 3 times – 60″ for the top and two cuts at 29″ for the legs. I based these dimensions off of the tutorial I found. In retrospect, I wish I would have cut my board for the top a bit longer, at 62″. I have carpet in my room and the table doesn’t slide perfectly. I would have been easier if it was bit wider and not so snug on my bed. It still works, but I wish I had a bit more room. I think 60″ would be great if you’ve got hardwood. The table slides around great on the hardwood in my living room. I also lowered the legs to 29″ instead of the 29 1/2 ” the tutorial suggested. I didn’t want the table sitting too high for my bed. Just measure your bed to be sure.

Now for the brackets. Get the biggest brackets you can find. Trust me on this. I got small brackets at first and it was very wobbly. My large brackets were $3.50 each. The little ones I bought were $3 for 4. Don’t be cheap on this, trust me.

You’re also going to need a box of wood screws. I bought 1 1/2″ screws, since my boards were 2″ deep.

You’ll also need 4 two inch rigid wheels. Get rigid so that they don’t swivel in all directions.


Alright. Let’s talk about assembly. First I attached my brackets to the boards. I attached the legs under the top board, not on the side? Does that make sense? That way my top board was completely smooth and you don’t see the ends on the leg boards.


Then I sanded it down. This didn’t take too long, really I was just prepping it for staining. I also sanded the exposed edges of the board, because they were a bit rough from cutting.


Next I flipped it over and attached the legs. Easy peasy. I did this because it would be easier to stain if it was elevated off the ground a bit.

The next step was to stain. I bought a gel stain… which I regret. I had a hard time with it. It was difficult to spread out and was incredibly goopy. Next time I’d go with a traditional stain.

The final step was to polyurethane the whole thing. I still need to put one more coat on the top. I want an extra coat on the top so that I can put drinks and things on it without worrying about watermarks.


Here is the full material list:
1. 2x12x12 board (1) cut at  60″, 29″, 29″ (the 29 inch cuts are for the legs. Measure you’re bed to see how high you want your’s to sit. Remember, it will be elevated by the wheels.
2. 2″ Rigid Caster Wheels (4)
3. 1 1/2″ Wood Screws (1 box I used 28. My brackets needed 3 each and then 4 for each wheel)
4. Large “L” Brackets (I can’t remember the size, but mine had 3 holes, not 2)
5. Sand Paper
6. Stain/Paint & Polyurethane Optional

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girls Night at the REO TOWn Thrift Store gala

Saturday night was REO Town’s Second Annual Thrift Store Gala. My friend Sarah and I went again and had a blast. The idea is that you rock the night away in your best thrift store duds. They sell all kinds of fun thrifty treasures and knickknacks as well as provide entertainment.

IMG_6352 My dress this year was an awesome velvet number I picked up at Goodwill. I think it was somewhere around $5. I actually bought it because just because and pulled it out for this event. I didn’t buy it for a purpose but I always figured I could wear it for the gala.

IMG_6343 We had such a great time. REO Town is a section of Lansing that has really been trying to make a comeback. They’ve been holding more and more events to raise money and I’m glad they have proven to be successful. IMG_6348 copy

Just like last year there were burlesque dancers and a “Ms. Thrift” Contest. REO Town’s Good Truckin Diner catered and Sleepwalker Spirits and Ale provided custom brews for the event.

IMG_6356 The party went on until 2, but we left at about 11. We stayed for the Ms. Thrift pageant and then bolted. At that point we had already done and seen anything, so it was time to go. Plus it was the night Ivan got home from Texas and I was ready to see him.

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High Five For Friday: The Pinterest Project Edition

1. My Occasional Table
I’ve had my eye on Ikea’s “Occasional Table” for a long time. Now that I finally decided to buy one, I found out that they no longer make them. What is up with that? Well, I had this burning need for one, so I made myself one. I used a gel stain for the first time and I wasn’t crazy about it. I had a hard time spreading it thinly, but I’m happy with the overall project. It’s not perfect, but it works. IMG_6317

2. Miles Time
Yesterday I spent the majority of the day with my nephew. Isn’t he the cutest? He’s honestly the happiest baby on the planet.


3. Summer in D.C.
Ivan got an internship offer at the Pentagon. He’s not positive that he’s going to take it, but we’re pretty sure. It is the pentagon after all. If he goes, I’m going to go. I’m a graphic designer and my boss will let me work from D.C. I’m pretty excited about the idea, I think 3 months in the Capitol will be a ton of fun. One of my best friends from high school lives there, so that will be nice to see more of her.

4. I’ve Been Getting My Workout On
Ivan’s been in Texas since Tuesday, so I’ve had some free time. I’ve been trying to get as many workouts in as possible. I’ve been somewhat successful and it feels great. I really need to make more time for working out on a regular basis.

5. My Etsy Purchase
I found this fun way of storing ties on pinterest and decided I HAD to find a pop crate. I found one that a local etsy seller had listed and was able to pick it up. Because I didn’t have to pay shipping it only set me back $30. They are listed for $75 online. Yikes.

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The Parlour of Jackson

I love ice cream. I always have. No matter how full I am, there is always room for ice cream. There is this fantastic, dreamy ice cream place in Jackson. It’s called “The Parlour” and it’s simply magical.

My family has been making the 45 minute trip for as long as I can remember. We usually make trips during the summer, but this weekend I decided it was time to introduce Ivan. It was 50 degrees out and thats definitely warm enough for some ice cream.

IMG_6269 The place is decked out in old fashion charm – from the wrap around counters to the decor and subway tile design. The atmosphere is wonderful, but the big draw in the ice cream.
IMG_6270 Guys, they give you SO much ice cream. This here is the junior banana split. Do you realize how much ice cream that is? Ivan and I split a chicken tenders meal and the junior banana split and we couldn’t finish it.

IMG_6272 Every time I bring someone here their eyes get huge. How could they not? It’s just such a fantastic place. If you’re ever in the area, you HAVE to go. It’s such a unique place and the ice cream is delicious.

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DIY Edison Lamps

Have you ever seen an Edison lamp? I just love them. I love the industrial and vintage feel, but I don’t love the price. I was on the hunt for something unique for my bedside tables and I stumbled on these Edison accent lamps on amazon. But, $70 a lamp? Ouch. That was not in the budget. So I decided I’d have to make my own.

edison I originally had plans to build a base, but then I got lazy. I didn’t want to have to stain anything, I didn’t want to have to go pick the hardware for it… so I just made an easy version. This is really more of an assembly project than a DIY.

I found these brown bases at walmart for $5.88 each. They aren’t exactly what I wanted… I wanted a super plain design, but they were close enough. Online they are listed at $5.97. I then purchased vintage bulbs on amazon for $7.99 a piece. They have a variety of styles, so be sure to check them all out.

The final step was the cage. I found these small wired cages for $9.39 a pop. They fit right over the bulbs I bought. They were a little loose on my base, so I wrapped some craft wire I had on hand around the base to make a snug fit.  They were sitting on the ledge right above the switch and it was making the cage rest on my bulb. If you get smaller bulbs, you might not have this issue. You can’t even see the wire though and it works perfectly.


What do you think? I can’t decide if I want to spray paint the cage to match the base or not. I kind of like the difference colors, I don’t know what I’ll end up doing.

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