High Five For Friday: Date Nights & Great Finds

1. The Barrister’s Ball
Last saturday we attended the Barrister’s Ball. It was so much fun. I love dressing up and going to fancy events. You can read the full recap here.

2. I Found a GORGEOUS antique dresser
I’ve been on the hunt for a dresser since I moved. My closet space has been cut in half, so I was deserpate for one. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, but I didn’t want a piece of junk. Luckily I found this beautiful dresser for around $100. I’m so happy with it! IMG_6116

3. Date Night at an MSU Basketball Game
Last night Ivan and I had a date night at the basketball game. I bought the tickets for $5 each. I didn’t realize we would be in the last row. But honestly, we really liked the seats. Nobody was yelling behind us, we had a back rest and the view was great. I’ve been farther away for NBA games and honestly it wasn’t bad last night.

IMG_6165 4. I Got the COOLEST desk top EVER
So I found some old gym flooring on Craig’s List. They pulled it out of a community center and had it up for sale. I bought a big chunk that I’m going to turn into our desk top. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to get started on it tomorrow.

5. The Office is Coming Together
So we’ve got a spare room in the new house, which means… OFFICE. I’m really excited because that means I get to decorate an office. We’ve decided that we’ll decorate it in an ASU scheme for Ivan, but I refuse to let it be tacky. I painted my old twin bed black and turned it into a daybed. Here’s what I’ve got so far. The new desk will go right across from it. IMG_61741

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A Night at the Law Ball

Saturday night was the Barristers Ball at MSU. We had a fantastic time. I went with Ivan last year too, but we had only been dating a few months. I knew some of his friends, but not most of them. This year I recognized a ton of people, which made the experience a bit more enjoyable.  IMG_6097

IMG_6099 We also hit the photo booth. I was determined to make it in after the valentine’s day disaster. They had one at the party we went to, but we didn’t realize there was a time limit on it. We tried to go right after dinner and it was gone. So I made sure we had time for the booth at the ball.


Sidenote… I don’t know WHY but I can’t get pictures to center. I’ve checked the coding and they SHOULD be entered, but they aren’t. It truly irritates me.

Anyways, some other girl a few tables over had my dress. Total bummer. It was still a big hit though; everyone commented on it. I only managed to keep my heels on for about an hour. I’m horrible with heels. We made a pit stop at Ivan’s on the way to the after party so that his roommates girlfriend could grab her flats and I switched into my uggs. They were the only option I had available and I don’t regret the decision at all. I proudly rocked my dress with my uggs.



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My Fair Share of Projects

I’ve been settling in the new house for the past couple of weeks. I’ve got more room than I did before, so I’ve been able to make a few new furniture purchases. My closet space is about half the size in the new house, so I NEEDED a dresser.

I didn’t want to spend a fortune, but I wanted a solid piece of furniture. I knew that an antique would be my best bet. I had been watching Craig’s List, but was unable to find what I wanted, so I decided to go out on a scouting mission. We have this fantastic flea market in the area; the DeWitt Antique Mega Mall and they always have the coolest things.

I found a few different dressers I liked, but this beauty took the cake. Isn’t she gorgeous? From what I can tell, it’s from around 1900 and it’s in fantastic shape. It’s never been painted and all the drawers are in working order. It’s also incredibly sturdy. I got it for $114 out the door. I’m so in love. I need to clean it up a bit, I can just tell it’s going to be lovely.

IMG_6116 Please excuse my face in the pic. I just snapped this quickly to send with my mom. Unfortunately, I’m busy and forgot to take a legit picture for you guys.

I also finished a pinterest project last night. It’s a baseball wreath. It was incredibly easy and I think I’m going to make another one for my grandma. She’s a huge Tiger’s fan and thinks everything I do is marvelous. Typical grandma :)

IMG_6118 IMG_6126 First I drilled through the baseballs and then I threaded them through some wire I got in the wreath aisle at Joann’s. I’m lazy, so I used a pre-made bow I got for 3 bucks and glued a few orange stripes on it. I did my best to draw the tigers symbol, but you know… permanent market isn’t so easy to draw with on baseballs. Go figure. I like it though. I’ll hang it up with pride.

I’m also going to be building a desk out of reclaimed gym flooring. I found some on Craig’s List and I’m so excited about it. We’re picking it up tomorrow morning. I’ll keep you guys updated with it. If you follow me on instagram you’ll see progress pictures!

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High Five For Friday: More Moving Fun

1. Fixed the Pipe Disaster
Well, as you may or may not know, I moved at the end of last week. Ivan and I went to Grand Rapids on Saturday for Valentine’s Day and I came home to frozen pipes. We were able to get them thawed, but apparently something burst somewhere and the crawl space flooded. With about 2 feet of water. But… it all got fixed and now everything is finally coming together.

2. The Internet is Finally Working
For the past week I’ve been going round and round with comcast. I’m not going to get too far into it, but they finally got someone out to the house and got the internet working. Apparently there wasn’t even an active connection. Oh well, it’s working now.

3. I Had My Family Over For Dinner
One of the best things about the new house is the open floor plan. I definitely don’t have a ton of space, but all the rooms are open so it’s great for having people over.

4. The Barrister’s Ball
I know this is kind of cheating, but I’m really looking forward to going to the barristers ball tomorrow. I just love dressing up and we had such a great time last year. Plus, I just LOVE my dress. Isn’t it fantastic? dress

5. Spartan Stampede
Another thing I am really looking forward to is the Spartan Stampede. Ivan and I are going to my first rodeo tonight. I am not really sure what to expect, but I know it will be fun!

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Weekend Recap: Valentine’s Day & The Joys of Moving

Sorry that I’ve been M.I.A for the past week, I was moving! I had to get everything done (packing, moving, cleaning) in less than 3 days… on work nights. Which means I was busy, busy, busy.

I’ve had issues with comcast (of course)… they are finally coming out on Wednesday to tr and fix it. My water pipes also froze on Saturday night. Ivan and I drove down to Grand Rapids for the night and when I came back the next day the water wasn’t working. Moving is just so much fun.

Valentine’s Day was really fantastic though. Ivan bought me chocolate and flowers and then we drove down to Grand Rapids for the night. We had dinner at the B.O.B., which was fantastic. We ate at “Bobarinos” and I had this delicious brie & prosciutto chicken breast with butter roasted pears and walnut risotto. Sooo good. IMG_6072

We split this giant brownie goblet. It had vanilla bean gelato, caramel & chocolate sauce, and was finished with whip cream and a cherry.

Dinner also came with two of their special craft beers, which of course, were great. I had the Blondie and Ivan had the Spaceboy Stout.


The building itself was amazing too. It’s a building that has multiple bars and restaurants inside, and they were having a big V-Day party. There were live bands, dueling pianos, a comedy show and all kinds of fun entertainment.

I’d definitely recommend going there – there is one cover for the entire building, it’s like bar hopping in the warmth of the indoors!

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Weekend Recap: Country Bars & Lady Dates

I had a pretty busy weekend. On Friday night I had a date with my favorite 5 year old. I spent the evening babysitting the little girl I used to nanny for. I was her nanny for over 4 years and once she started kindergarten and I finished college, we had to part ways. I miss her though, I was with her almost everyday for 4 years. So it’s always fantastic to see her.

Then on Saturday I spent the morning shopping with my mom. We drove to Ann Arbor and did some damage in Von Maur. Later that day I met up with my best friend. Lindsay and I have been friends since 7th grade and I just love her. We haven’t seen each other in a while, so it was great to hang out. We spent about an hour in Joann Fabrics picking out curtain fabric. The line of course was absurd, but we were together, so it was fine. We had a late dinner at Panera and did tons of catching up.

I also got to see her dog, Cooper. Isn’t he wonderful? He’s just so much fun.

That night Ivan and I went out for a date night. We went to the Whiskey Barrel, which is a local country bar. I’d only been there once and it was his first time and it was so much fun. There was a live band and we danced the night away. It was one of those great places that has a big mix of people who are just having a great time. No judging, just having a blast. My favorite kind of bar.

On Sunday, my sister, my mom and I went to the Women’s Expo. I go almost every year and it’s always enjoyable. We walked around and looked at all the booths and displays.

IMG_6049 IMG_6050 I found this fantastic James Bond-ish garter at the show. I think I might order one off of amazon. Isn’t it fun? Although, I’m not sure I like the idea of reaching up my dress every time I want to text someone. I’ll have to think about it.

IMG_6051 We went out to lunch afterwards and had some fantastic Middle Eastern Food. We decided that we need to have a girls weekend soon and started brainstorming ideas. I’m pretty excited about it, it’s always fun to spend time with them.

I spent Sunday night packing. I’ll be moving later this week and I am way behind on packing. Oh well. Moving is always a bumpy process.

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High Five For Friday: Michigan Snow Days

1. Snow days, Snow days Dear Amazing Snow days
We started out with a snow day on Monday. Most of the area was shut down due to a big storm. It was fantastic. Everyone loves 3 day weekends.

2. Steak Tacos at Outback
We had a family dinner at Outback on Monday. Did you know they added steak tacos to their menu? I’m here to tell you they were amazing.


3. I Started Packing
I’ll be moving next week and I started packing. I don’t have a ton of stuff, but it’s still annoying. I am excited to move though. Ivan will be moving in with me in the fall, so we’ll need the extra room.

4. I Picked Out the Best Valentine’s Gift
I’m not going to say what it is, because Ivan occasionally reads the blog. But I will say that I am incredibly happy with it!

5. I Got Back to the Gym
It’s time to recommit to working out. The holidays have passed and I really want to get back to where I was. I’ve been hitting the gym regularly and have been trying to eat healthier too. Swimsuit season is just around the corner you know!

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