High Five For Friday

1. My new luggage from Ebags arrived!

I was pretty pumped about the arrival of my new ebags bag. I already practiced packing and reviewed it here.


2. Girls Night In

The other night my mom and I went over to a co-workers place for craft night. We made Christmas wreaths. I’m pretty happy with the way mine turned out.

3. Girls Night Dinner

On Wednesday, my dad, my brother-in-law and my boyfriend went to the Pistons – Suns game in Detroit. Ivan is from Arizona and my brother-in-law is a huge Pistons fan, so they had a great time. They had court side seats, so they were really excited. The girls however, were not invited. So we all went out to dinner and had a ladies night instead.

4. Qdoba Now Has Free “Extras”

So they raised the price at Qdoba… but now all the “extras” are included. So that means, free guac. free sour cream. free queso. Works for me.

5. I’m going to D.C. Tomorrow!

My trip to D.C. is almost here. A friend of mine are flying out to stay with another friend of mine… and I’m super excited. I’ve never been there before, so I have a list of to-do’s a mile long. Too bad I’ll only be there for a few days :(

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Thrifty Threads Thursday: Neutrals

I’ve been doing my best to closet purge. I’ve really been thinking about every purchase I make; trying to decide if I’ll wear it often enough to buy it. When I buy an item I like to think about all the different ways I can wear it and what I already have that I can pair with it. I belong to the Kate Middleton school of fashion; reuse, reuse, reuse.

Because of this practice, I end up with a lot of neutrals. I love neutrals. I think they are incredibly classic and you can easily mix and match them to create countless outfits. I’ve got a block of black, tan, grey and white. I do have some bold pieces, but for the most part they are relatively plain – I don’t have too many patterns.

This outfit is an example of my neutrals collection. The black boots pants and tank are all what I would call staples. The sweater is also incredibly neutral; I’ve paired it with many different things and have even worn it over dresses. It’s from my sister’s sister-in-law’s (follow me?) clothing line Trybe. It was gifted from my sister and I just adore it. 4 5 7


The purse I just picked up from amazon. I wanted to get a small crossbody bag that I could take with me while traveling. It’s much bigger than I expected (I didn’t read the dimensions…), but I really love it. I’ve decided to use it for everyday. It’s got a ton of pockets. It was $12.68 and it’s real leather. I might order a few more colors.

Sweater: Trybe Gifted | Jeans: Max Jeans $15 | Boots: Amazon $41 | Purse: Amazon $12.68 | Total: 68.68

 Don’t forget to enter to win a $25 gift card from Cato Fashions!

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Penniless Socialite for Look What I Got
Mix Match Fashion for What I Wore to Work

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Product Review: Ebags Mother Lode TLS Weekender Convertible

Guys, I love ebags. Earlier this year, I purchased their Kalya Town Square bag to use as a laptop/everyday bag and I just love it. It’s got a lifetime warranty and It’s held up so well that I knew that when it was time to purchase more luggage, I’d have to stick with this brand. IMG_5189

Enter the Mother Lode Weekender. I’ve been drooling over this bag for months and I finally purchased it. When it arrived, I immediately opened the box and did a trial packing run, just to see what all I could stuff inside it. Here’s what I found out.

IMG_5199 IMG_5202

I was able to get all 6 of my TravelOn Packing cubes within the main compartment of the bag. Now, these cubes are small, but they work for me. I was able to get 4 pairs of pants, 7 shirts, 2 sweaters, 6 dresses, 3 pairs of flats and my delicates bag all in the main compartment. I put my laptop in the laptop section and my TSA quart toiletries in one of the front compartments. I still had all of the exterior pockets to pack. I didn’t even unzip the expander. I honestly don’t know what all I’d put in there. 1

Just so you know for size comparison, I’m 5’3. This is me carrying my fully packed bag – the expander is zipped up.

My Favorite Features

This is a convertible bag. You can use it as a backpack or a sort of messenger bag. It has a strap that you can attach to carry it over your shoulder if you want. It also has handles on the top and side, for easy lifting. The backpack straps tuck back into the bag, so if you decide to check your luggage, there aren’t any loose straps to get stuck somewhere.

It fits within carry-on limits. Unless I’m moving somewhere, I don’t ever see myself having to check a bag. Most airlines let you bring a carry on and a personal item for free. This bag is small enough to be considered a carry on. I hate checking bags; I don’t want to risk them being lost and I hate waiting for them after the flight. Plus, they seem to always get beat up in the process. I can keep this bag with me at all time and just throw it on my back when walking. I don’t get stuck dragging a wheeled case down stairs or through crowded areas.

Flexible Packing & Lightweight Construction. Because the exterior isn’t hard, you have a little more leeway when packing. Plus, with all of the pockets and dividers inside this bag, packing is an absolute breeze. It’s easy to organize things and to keep all important items within reach.

Designed like a suitcase; not a backpack. All of the zippers and flaps open completely. There are double zippers on the main compartment (which expands), so you can open your bag all the way. This allows you have complete access to your entire suitcase instead of having to dig through the bag.

If you’re interested, here is a video explaining all of the cool features of the bag.


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New to Lansing: Cato Fashions + giveaway!

There is a new clothing store coming to my neck of the woods. Have you guys heard of Cato Fashions? It’s a women’s clothing store that sells sizes 4-28w. I was recently contacted about the Grand opening of a new Lansing store and was given the chance to host a giveaway. I’d never heard of the store before, so I thought I’d check it out online first. I have to say, I was really impressed with what I saw. They sell trendy and beautiful clothes, accessories and shoes for women of all sizes. Here are some of my favorite finds.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 10.25.28 PM

Metallic Printed High Low Blouse

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 10.31.28 PM

Herringbone Waterfall Cardigan 

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 10.34.25 PM

Leather Look Graphic Sweater Dress

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 10.37.01 PM

Sequined Aztec Ponte Skirt

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 10.39.25 PM

Quilted Mod Moto Jacket

The store is opening up on Thursday the 20th at 10 am in the Edgewood Towne Center of Lansing (438 East Edgewood Boulevard). I’ve got a $25 gift card to giveaway! If you’re not from the Lansing area, don’t worry, they sell online too :)

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The winner will be selected and emailed on 12/1 :) Good luck everyone!

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High Five For Friday: Anniversaries & Christmas gifts

1. Happy Anniversary, to me, to me (I’m hearing that to the tune of happy unbirthday)

On Tuesday, Ivan and I had our first anniversary. We’ve officially been together for a year. It seems like much longer. In a good way of course. Tuesday was his long day with classes, so we just had dinner together. We went back to the restaurant where we had our first date and then came back to my place and crashed while watching episodes of No Reservations. It was a good time.

2. Holiday Cards up the Wazoo

I received my box of holiday cards that I won from the ps print design contest. When I saw the box on the porch I thought it was the dutch oven that’s in the mail. I’ve never seen so many cards in one place. People will be receiving these cards for years. I hope everyone likes giraffes.


3. Christmas Gifts Galore

So I’ve been stepping up my christmas shopping game. I’ll be spending this Christmas in Arizona with Ivan’s family for the first time and I really wanted to come up with some great gifts. I purchased this customized, engraved rolling pin for his mom. Isn’t it fantastic? I think I have officially figured out everyone’s christmas gift. Because I won’t be here for christmas, my family is celebrating the weekend of Thanksgiving, so I had to get a jumpstart of gifts. It’s such a weird feeling to be done and not scrambling around. IMG_5142

4. Family Dinner

My brother-in-law works on Mackinac Island for half the year and he was finally able to come home this week. We had a big family dinner and it was just so wonderful to have everyone together.

5. Back to the Gym

This week I had to go to the doctors. Which means… I had to get weighed. The number was higher than I would have liked (I was wearing heavy boots, but still…). So I’ve made it my mission to get back on track. I’ve been in the gym the last 3 days and have been trying to watch my portions. I’ve been steadily eating more and more and that just needs to stop. I want to get hold of this before it gets out of control. Also, I’ve been thinking about getting a fitbit or a jawbone. Does anyone have one? What do you think of it?

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Thrifty Threads Thursday: Blazer of glory

So I went thrifting again! Surprise, surprise, right? I hit a local Goodwill and a VOA on Sunday. I don’t normally stop in the VOA, because I hate how they organize everything. It’s by color, not by size. But I had some spare time to kill, so I stopped in. Boy am I glad I did. I spent $17 and got two blazers, a jacket and a shirt. They had this new section called “women’s better”. I don’t know how they decide what goes in the “Better” section, but I found quite a few pieces there. I think they just mean “more expensive”. This blazer was in the regular section though. It was only $1.99. Nothing I bought was on sale, but still, I think I did pretty good.

4 I picked up this express skirt from Goodwill for $3.99 that same day. The scarf was gifted but I believe it came from zulily. And the boots.. well if you’ve been here before, you know all about my rain boots. They were purchased from Amazon.

6 1
Blazer (thrifted) $1.99 | Tank Top (Meijer) $5 | Express Skirt (thrifted) $3.99 | Steve Madden Fleece Leggings (TJ Maxx) $4 | Dirty Laundry Boots (Amazon) $40 | Scarf (gifted – zulily?)

Grand Total: 54.98 (14.98 without the boots!)

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E. Shakti Review

I was contacted by EShakti to do a review of one of their products. However, these opinions are entirely my own.

Have you guys heard about eshakti? At this point, I’m sure you have. They’ve been all over the blogging scene. It’s a company that tailors their clothing designs to fit your needs. You start out with a basic template and then are free to change things like the length, sleeves and neckline. Personally, I think this is genius. By making the dresses customizable, literally anyone can find something they like. They stock sizes 2-6X on most of their items, so they truly have clothing for every body shape.

This is how my dress was shipped. When I removed it from the bag, it was incredibly wrinkled. Now, I realize this can’t really be avoided, but I just wanted to let you know not to expect to wear it right out of the box.


I changed the dress length on mine (I went with mini) and you can see where that falls. They also adjust their dresses to fit your height, so I would think the mini would fall on everyone at the same spot.


I really like the fabric and I think the dress has a great look. The only issue I have is the buttons. Let me start this by saying, the dress was a little too tight in the bust. However, it wasn’t horrible. First the button across the bust came off. Which, I can live with. It was tight. But then two more buttons fell off. I promptly fixed them all and now everything appears to be fine. After close inspection on the buttons, I found that they weren’t sewn on their very well. Once I tightened the threads, I didn’t have anymore issues. You might want to be wary of that. I’ve tried one of their dresses in the past that had a zipper and it was perfect. No issues at all. But just be wary of the decorative buttons.


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