A Halloween Weekend

A Halloween Weekend

I’m such a huge fan of Halloween. I love coming up with costumes, passing out candy, going to haunted houses and just everything about the holiday.

This year I didn’t make it to a haunted house, but I did make it to two different parties. The first party was on Thursday at my friend Brad’s. He and his girlfriend throw a party every year and it’s my third time going.

My friend Jacquelline went with me. We went as children’s book characters – me as Madeline and she went as the Cat in the Hat. It was a pretty easy costume for me – I had the dress, gloves, shoes, hat and ribbon. I purchased the frilly socks from Walmart for $3 and the white button up from goodwill.

On Halloween Ivan, Kidd and I passed out candy. Kidd was simply fascinated with the entire concept. He loved that we were getting so many visitors. He was like a built in child alarm – every time one turned up our driveway, his tail starting wagging like crazy.


We also went to the law school halloween party that night. Ivan and I went as Squints and Wendy from the Sandlot. The law school rented out a local bar, which was super cool. My friend Jacquelline came with us too and we all had a good time. I just love halloween.

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We pregamed at a friend’s house and then shuttled over to the bar at around 11. Since the clocks moved forward, we had an extra hour to spend out. We didn’t make it the full night – we headed over to a local pizza place at about 1:30 (technically 2:30) to stuff our faces and then cabbed it back home. I spent a lot of Sunday sleeping.


What did you guys do for halloween? Any fun costumes?

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  • MADELINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it. so much.

    • thanks Kristen :) It was sort of a last minute thing… I’m lucky I had most of the stuff already