A Night at the Law Ball

A Night at the Law Ball

Saturday night was the Barristers Ball at MSU. We had a fantastic time. I went with Ivan last year too, but we had only been dating a few months. I knew some of his friends, but not most of them. This year I recognized a ton of people, which made the experience a bit more enjoyable. IMG_6097

IMG_6099We also hit the photo booth. I was determined to make it in after the valentine’s day disaster. They had one at the party we went to, but we didn’t realize there was a time limit on it. We tried to go right after dinner and it was gone. So I made sure we had time for the booth at the ball.


Sidenote… I don’t know WHY but I can’t get pictures to center. I’ve checked the coding and they SHOULD be entered, but they aren’t. It truly irritates me.

Anyways, some other girl a few tables over had my dress. Total bummer. It was still a big hit though; everyone commented on it. I only managed to keep my heels on for about an hour. I’m horrible with heels. We made a pit stop at Ivan’s on the way to the after party so that his roommates girlfriend could grab her flats and I switched into my uggs. They were the only option I had available and I don’t regret the decision at all. I proudly rocked my dress with my uggs.



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