A Weekend of Sports

A Weekend of Sports

This weekend Ivan and I went to two back to back games. On Saturday, we attended an ASU Basketball game. It was a close game, but it wasn’t very busy. I’m used to going to basketball games at MSU; where it’s a very big deal. I get that ASU isn’t a big basketball school, but it was still a bit weird. It was a close game nonetheless, but the Sun Devils lost in triple overtime.
IMG_5702 Then on Sunday, we went to the Cardinals/Seahawks game. This was my first NFL game and it was pretty exciting. The Cardinals lost, but I honestly didn’t really care. I’m not a fan, but Ivan was pretty depressed about it. We had a great time though.


IMG_5723We went super early and walked around Westgate for a while. It’s like this tiny little town around the Cardinals Stadium and Coyotes Arena – there are tons of shops, bars and restaurants. We ate at Margaritaville. That was interesting because they were closing the nextday, so the menu was very limited. They were completely out of beer and most liquors. So we settled on nachos (one of the few food items they had left). Ivan had a Margarita and I downed a Strawberry Daiquiri.  IMG_5718

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