Adventures in Working Out

Adventures in Working Out

This nice weather has kicked my butt into gear. I’ve never been one to obsess over working out, but for the past 2 years, I’ve been more into it. I got myself a gym membership and went pretty regularly; usually sticking to the arc or the elliptical.

My two best friends are runners. Personally, I’ve never been into it. But a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to give it a go. I dropped my gym membership (we’re moving soon anyways) and took to the streets.

I’ve been using 5k Runner (couch to 5k), strava and nike+. I’ve found that 5k Runner is incredibly helpful, but I can’t seem to decide on strava or nike+. I’m leaning towards strava though. Nike+ doesn’t let you export the data yourself and you can’t keep a log of ALL your workouts. With strava I can download my data (and it syncs with MFP & Garmin Connect). It’s really off on the calories burned though. I don’t know whats up with that.

Anyways, I’ve also been doing workout videos during my off running days. I’ve found that I really enjoy the Lacey Stone videos available on Youtube BeFit. There are also a number of Jilian Michaels videos up there – those are always tough. I did this video last night and it was a great workout.

There is also a free yoga site that I’ve been utilizing – I’ve only tried out a few videos, but I love the After Work Yoga and the Pre-Running and Post-Running sets.

Do you workout at home? What kind of exercises do you do on your own time?

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  • Good for you girl! Thanks for writing this post! I will definitely check out Lacey Stone!

    • she’s awesome. I feel like she truly understands how much I hate working out… but she’s like “get over it. you’re going to do it”. She speaks to me ;)