AirBnB: Pinterest for the Adventurous

AirBnB: Pinterest for the Adventurous

So guys, AirBnB is like pinterest for the adventurers. I spend entirely too much time scouring listings in the most random of places and fawning over the concept that I could maybe one day, stay there.

For those of you who don’t know what AirBnB is, let me enlighten you. Just a warning, you will most likely become obsessed, so if you have an obsessive personality like I do, stop reading.

You’re still with me? Awesome. I like your reckless nature. AirBnB is this fantastic site where people list their homes, spare bedrooms & random spaces for rent to travelers. You can choose to basically couch surf, you can rent a private room (B&B style) or you can rent an entire house/condo/apartment/boat/what have you.

Let me tell you why I’m obsessed. First of all, guys, it’s cheap. Like, real cheap. Well, I guess I can’t say that for every listing, but generally speaking the rooms (even entire houses) are cheaper than hotels. Plus, you’re actually staying in a house. Which means you’ve got a kitchen, laundry (sometimes) and actual space to spread out. A lot of times people will even include extras like bikes, kayaks, etc, with the rental. Personally, I love the idea of living like a local. When I travel, I always try to go where the local go; eat where they eat, do what they do. After all, they live there. They know whats up. How cool is it that you can actually live like a local? Forget the standard, tired hotel. I say be a little adventurous and try something different.

So, I thought it would be fun to show you guys some of my dream accommodations. Like I said, I spend hours upon hours looking at cool vacation opportunities, so I thought you guys might like to take a peek. Maybe you’ll actually get to stay in one of these amazing places soon. I hope so. Maybe you could take me with you :)

Find something you like? Sign Up through this link for a $25 credit. Guys, that’s basically a free night at some of these places.

photo courtesy of AirBnB
Cost: $35 a nightgreece1 Are you seeing what I’m seeing? You can stay in this charming little apartment for $35 a night. In Athens. Someone please take me now.

photo courtesy of AirBnB
Cost: $65 a night

italyThis beautifully remodeled apartment is located within a building that dates back to the 16th century. How cool is that? For $65 a night? Plus its got that loft bed, so really, you could divide the cost 3 ways. How you get up there, I don’t know… but there has to be a way.

photo courtesy of AirBnB
Cost: $125 a nightoregonNow seriously. How cool is this? Sure, it’s in the middle of nowhere, but there is something so peaceful about that. Plus, did you see the views in those pictures? I could spend a week there. Just a week though, I’d probably go crazy after that.

photo courtesy of AirBnB
Cost: $88 a night

panamaThis jungle retreat is just beautiful. There are two separate houses; one tucked back inland a bit and one right on the water. I’d opt for the one that’s RIGHT on the water. Just jump out the window into the lagoon. They even include kayaks.They have pictures of people hanging out with dolphins too. I can’t say if that actually happens, but I’m okay with that concept.

photo courtesy of AirBnB
Cost: $120 a nightrio

I’ve always wanted to go to Brazil. It just seems so lively and colorful and exciting. And if I could stay in a place like this, I’d be there in an instant. I love the way they’ve decorated and furnished the place, the outdoor and indoor spaces are really seamless.

  • I had no idea of AirBNB! What a cool concept! Thanks so much for sharing this. I m going to go check out AirBNB now! :)

    J @ Bless Her Heart Y’all
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  • I’ve heard about Airbnb but never actually used it, and definitely not in another country, but some of these look pretty awesome. My top dream vacation right now is Greece, so I’m eyeing that first one you posted!

  • I love AirBnB! I used it for the first time when I went to a concert in Georgia and it was perfect!

  • This sounds incredible! I will keep them in mind for our next adventure!

    • they have so many creative places to stay, you definitely should! Thanks for stopping by :)

  • Oh my goodness….I will have to check this out! I have never heard of it before!!! This will probably be my husband’s new favorite site!

    • I’m seriously addicted to it. I sit and look up crazy places all the time. You can even filter for certain types of rooms like lighthouses, treehouses, trains, planes… they have eveything! Thanks for stopping by :)

  • all of these locations sound really interesting, even if I don’t stay in a super cool house/apt

  • Oooh I LOVE air bnb! I haven’t gotten to use it yet, but I definitely log on just to browse too.

    • it’s so addicting! I can’t help but look. Between that and pinterest it’s a wonder I get anything done. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I am seriously considering using airbnb for our europe trip next summer, but i’m a bit worried. my husband really isn’t on board either. boo.

  • OMG Air B&B is just dangerous to look at! I get way too many ideas there!!!!!!

  • Love this! Apartment rentals are a great way to explore new places :) Thanks for sharing about AirBnB– they’re a good resource.

    Simplicity Relished

  • Its amazing, isnt it? I’ve used it three times – once for a trip to Norway and once for a week in Vancouver and once for 6 weeks in New York City. On all occasions it was super easy, really cheap and so nice to have a whole place rather than living out of a suitcase in a hotel room. And my favourites page is like Pinterest too – so many places to go!