All Dogs Should Come with Handles: PetSafe Easy Sport Harness Review

All Dogs Should Come with Handles: PetSafe Easy Sport Harness Review

For those of you who know Kidd, you are aware that he can be a bit of a handful. He is a pointer mix and is an absolute bundle of energy. We adopted him at the beginning of last month when he was already three.

He’s the sweetest thing in the world, but unfortunately he’s developed some bad habits. He still jumps and pulls on a leash and occasionally mouths people when he wants to play. Because of this and his high energy level, I have to sometimes grab him before he takes off and knocks somebody over.

We had him in a standard harness at first, but then I stumbled on the EasySport Harness at Pet Supplies Plus. It was $24 in store (it’s now $14-$16 ON AMAZON), but I decided to give it a try because of the top handle.


You guys, it’s amazing. I never take him anywhere without it on. Now let me gush on why this is my favorite harness of all time real quick.

First and foremost – the handle. There is a padded handle right on top, which makes it actually possible for me to grab Kidd mid-bolt. Have you ever tried to rangle an excited and fast dog without a handle? It’s hard. Very hard. He’s a slippery little thing and it would usually take me 5 minutes to try and get him. With the handle, I can just reach out and nab him when he flies by. Plus, the padding keeps it from burning my hand when I’m grabbing him. It’s also perfect for keeping him tight against me when we’re on walks. Sometimes other dogs have the audacity to walk around us and I can just grab the handle and easily keep him against my side. It’s remarkable. All dogs should come with a handle.


It’s also incredibly lightweight. Kiddo is a pretty slim little dude and I didn’t want to weigh him down with a heavy harness. This one is padded yet extremely light. It’s also washable (online it says hand wash only, but I throw it in the machine) and has reflective stripes down the sides. I also like that the connection for the leash is pretty far down his back. I don’t worry about hurting him when I have to pull him in. Plus, he doesn’t snap the leash as hard when he takes of running. It’s really helps with being able to control his craziness during walks.3

The harness is also very simple to put on. He’s very good about it, but I didn’t want something that required a lot of time or effort. I don’t like leaving the harness on all day – we just put it on when we go outside. Therefore I wanted a simple design. I’m not a huge fan of step-in harnesses, so bonus points to this one for it’s easy buckle design. You simply slip the neck part over your dogs head and then clip the two buckles that connect in the enter of your dogs back.


You can see from the pictures above, he gets really distracted outside. He won’t even look at the camera.

Photo Courtesy of PetSafe
Photo Courtesy of PetSafe

The only downside I’ve found is that it’s a bit big. He’s definitely too large for the small, but the medium is a little loose. It’s pretty adjustable, he is just so skinny. Hopefully once he puts on more weight, he’ll fill it out better. I would think that most dogs wouldn’t have a problem, he’s just an odd duck. He’s got a deep pointers chest, but a tiny little waist.

Anyways, if you’ve got a high energy dog that you sometimes need to wrangle, I’d highly suggest you give this harness a try. It’s very well made (especially for $16!), lightweight, padded and adjustable.

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