An American Weekend: Football & Apple Pickin’

An American Weekend: Football & Apple Pickin’

This last weekend was a rather eventful one. Saturday was Michigan State’s homecoming game, so we of course tailgated. Ivan is on the tailgating community for the law school, so we had to be there at 7:30. My parents also tailgate (they have season tickets and tailgate every year), so we spent our time between the two groups. My dad always goes all out with food, so we had an excellent breakfast with southwestern hash browns, protein packed waffles & breakfast sausage.


We weren’t planning on going to the game, but my parents were awesome and let us use their tickets. They have pretty great seats and we had a fantastic time. Homecoming is always one of my favorite games, because the crowd is so fantastic. Although… mother of god, was it hot. Remember, we got there at 7:30am, so we were dressed for early morning temperatures. I wasn’t planning on going into the game, so I dressed warm. It’s ALWAYS much, much hotter sitting under the direct sunlight in the stadium and I was roasting. We ended up leaving early, because of the heat and the fact that the game was such a blowout.


Then on Sunday, my friend Jacquelline and I went apple picking at a local farm, Clearview Orchards. We dressed the part and had a great time scaling the trees looking for ripe and colorful apples. Everything was going great, until we had to haul our overfilled bags back to the front of the farm. We worked up quite the sweat dragging the bags back. Next time I’ll just pick a few and buy one of the “pre-picked” baskets up front. Totally worth it.

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I also brought along my “fancy camera”. I bought a camera a few years ago and never really use it. I break it out on holidays, but I never truly learned how it use it. It’s a fuji film camera, and it’s really not fancy, but it’s not my iPhone, so I think it is. Plus it requires a neck strap and has a large lens on it. In my book that makes it fancy. My point is, I took a LOT of pictures of us apple picking to play with my camera. Sorry, you’ll have to suffer through it.

21As you can see, we both fully embraced the “apple picking” spirit and jumped up into the trees. No beautiful apples escaped us. Well, actually, a lot of beautiful apples did. We may be monkeys, but we are short monkeys. A lot of the ripe apples were out of our reach.


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All in all, it was a great time. I’d do it again. I’m going to make an apple crisp and a few pies sometime this week. I’ll just unload them on to other people. The last thing I need is a house full of desserts.

I’m such a sucker for activities like this. I can’t wait until the haunted houses, corn mazes and haunted hayrides start up. Fall is my favorite.



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