Apps That I Love: Finance, Money-Saving & Budgeting

Apps That I Love: Finance, Money-Saving & Budgeting

I’m a bit of an App Hoader. I use my iPhone everyday for a number of different reasons. I have games, budgeting apps, travel apps, organization apps and more. Here are my absolute favorite money related apps.


Gas Buddy

I use Gas Buddy every time I go to get gas. It gives an up to date price per gallon for all the gas stations in your area. While I normally try to stick with speedway (speedy rewards!), if I can get a significantly better deal somewhere else, I’ll switch.

Do you use It’s a personal finance/budgeting website. It pulls all your spending habits and sorts them into different expense categories. You can also create budgets that pull right up on your phone so you can keep track of what you’re spending on the go.

Credit Karma

I use this app to keep track of my credit score. It’s completely free to use and doesn’t use a “hard-pull” on your credit, so it doesn’t affect your score at all. I use this in conjunction with my mobile banking app to keep tabs on my accounts & finances.

Checkout 51 / Ibotta

These are both coupon apps. With Checkout 51 you can find a lot of coupons for fresh foods, which are usually hard to find. For most items you can buy any brand, which is great. Ibotta has more products, but will only work in the stores they have listed. However, MOST stores are there. Both of these apps are simple to use, you simply take a picture of your receipt and upload it. You select the items you purchased from the list and are refunded the money into your account.

What apps do you use to keep track of your finances or to save money?

  • Kathleen

    Mint is seriously my life saver it helps me keep track of my budget on a real time bases I love that app. I have never heard of Check 51 or Ibotta I might need to check those out if they help you save money:)

    Aloha, Kathleen | House of Polynesia

  • great tips :)

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  • We couldn’t travel without GasBuddy for sure! It’s the most used app when I’m on the road!

  • eriel

    I love these pictures!!Amazing blog!

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