Attending a Live Taping of Late Night with Seth Meyers

Attending a Live Taping of Late Night with Seth Meyers

This Monday night I was lucky enough to score tickets to the Late Show with Seth Meyers. They are filming in DC at the Warner Theater through Wednesday, and I signed up far enough in advance that I got put on the list for Monday.

It was a bit worried about whether or not we’d get in when we arrived though. They said on the confirmation email that they overbook and that people will be turned away if they line up before 4. Well we arrived at 4:01 and the line was already around the block. Luckily the theater seated over 1,000 people, so we made the cut off.


The taping itself was incredibly fun but a bit weird at the same time. Once we were seated, we did audience warmups with the stage director. They had us do a variety of laughs at different levels. I’m assuming they were recording laugh tracks to supplement if necessary, but they could have just been checking the sound. They had us sit quietly for a moment too – and I think they overlaid that audio during some of the interviews. We were a very enthusiastic audience and laughed quiet a bit. I noticed that the audience appeared to be quiet during some parts on tv when we were definitely laughing. Who knows. Crazy television.

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They taped the show a bit out of sequence and Seth took audience questions during the middle. Sarah Silverman and Jake Tapper were the guests for the night. Both were great, but I enjoyed Jake a bit more. I found him to be a bit more interesting on that particular night.I love my full lace wigs. Sarah was great too, but I enjoyed the topics of Jake’s interview a bit more. They don’t have Jake’s interview on youtube yet… so I’ll share¬†some other highlights of the show :)


Overall, it was fantastic experience. I’d highly recommend seeing him live if you get the chance. They usually film in New York and I’m guessing it’s much easier to score tickets there.

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