Blizzards & Baseball

Blizzards & Baseball

Only in Michigan would it snow during a baseball game. Last night Ivan and I attended a baseball game… in the snow. I had purchased the tickets for an all-you-can-eat BBQ from my alumni association a while ago, so we had no idea it would be snowing.IMG_6643
As you can imagine, the place was pretty deserted. There were maybe 30-40 people with my group, but the rest of the stadium was a ghost town.IMG_6666
We sat right next to the visiting bullpen, which was pretty cool. I was bundled up in full parka gear so it wasn’t too bad. I just felt sorry for the players. Besides the fact that their uniforms weren’t made for snow, playing baseball in cold weather hurts.

I remember it snowed once during a softball game my freshman year of high school. Batting hurts and catching hurts – everything stings when the ball hits. Not a fun combo.

IMG_6664There was also the matter of poor Humphrey. You see the Lugnuts have this marketing campaign featuring Humphrey. Wednesday is Hump Day, therefore they bring Humphrey out. He didn’t even have a coat. Poor guy must have been freezing.


  • I love baseball, but not in the snow! You’re a champ!

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