Budget-Buster: Why I Cut the Cable Cord

Budget-Buster: Why I Cut the Cable Cord

I’ve always been a huge fan of tv. I’ll admit it, I’ve always been one to sit in front of the tv for hours on end. I’ll watch pretty must anything. Judge Judy, Bride TV on TLC, Spike TV… anything will do.

However, being young and broke, I simply can’t justify paying for cable. I decided that all I really needed was internet. And you know what? I was right. There is rarely something that I can’t watch online or through local tv stations.

I have a subscription to netflix and amazon prime, so I have access to a ton of tv shows and movies. Amazon now has a ton of HBO content and netflix how has content from the food network. I also use hulu a lot to stream current shows. I just went ahead and plugged my old desktop computer into my HDTV and that allows me to literally stream whatever I want. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse that I keep on the lower shelf of the coffee table to control things. I also went and bought an atenna at best buy and I get about 20 local channels, including abc, nbc, cbs, fox, ion, pbs, wkar and a bunch of random channels.



If you are super lucky, you might even be able to “borrow” someones cable login. My parents still pay for cable and they allow me to login to their online account and stream content that way. I know that AT&T and Comcast both offer online streaming of live tv as well as access to “onDemand” content. If you don’t know someone who has a login, you can also get “internet + streaming tv” from comcast. This includes internet and a variety of channels… including HBO.

Now of course, sometimes things get fuzzy or the streaming is slow, but it’s something that I live with. I’ve saving about $80 a month by cutting the cord. For me, that’s completely worth it.

  • We have friends who have done this and we’ve talked about it. It was an option I had kinda forgotten about. Thanks for the reminder. Maybe we’ll save a little extra dough.

  • My husband and I were just discussing this this past weekend! Currently, we’ve gotten our DirecTV down to about $50/month but still…it’s $50/month! I’m still on the fence if I can handle not having TV because like you, I like my TV! I think our biggest hold up right now is football season, though. How does Amazon Prime work?

    • You can stream their content just like netflix. They have a lot of the same shows/movies, but they also have HBO. Prime also comes with a music streaming service, free ebooks, free 2 day shipping and $3.99 overnight shipping on all prime products. Plus, if you have a student email account it’s only $49 a year. I think. I think its $49… it’s somewhere around that.

  • we have never had cable, my husband had it growing up but i didn’t. we have flirted with the idea a few times but just can’t justify it when all we’d watch is sports – i like HGTV but I can survive without it. Makes me less likely to sit in front of the tv all day!

    • I grew up with it… but I just can’t justify paying for it. And you’re right, you feel better when you aren’t sitting in front of the tv all day :)

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