Carry-on Essentials

Carry-on Essentials

carry on Scarf | Charger | Sunglasses

1. Infinity Scarf
A cozy infinity scarf is a great tool to bring on a plane. I’ve used it as a makeshift pillow, a shawl and even a blanket at times. I have one that I can wrap right over my shoulders and arms. I always seem to get cold on flights for some reason and the scarf comes through for me.

2. Portable USB Charger
Even though some planes now have phone chargers available, it’s not common. You might be able to charge your phone in the airport, but most of the time, the few available outlets are taken. I bring my portable charger with me when I fly, so I can keep my battery charged. I got mine for about $10 and it holds 150% of a iphone battery life. You can find them in a range of colors, sizes and battery capacities. Mine will charge any USB device, but you’ll need to bring your charging cord too.

3. Sunglasses
I always bring my sunglasses with me on a plane. You never know if people are going to open the airplane windows and let bright light in. Plus, I hate packing them in my suitcase because airlines are so rough with bags. And, you will probably want them when you land in the sunshine!

4. Empty Water Bottle
Although you can’t bring a full water bottle through security, you can bring an empty one. Just fill it up when you get through security and you can bring it with you on the plane.

5. Ereader
Flights can get so boring. I always bring my kindle with me on board so that I can read. It’s smaller and easier than bringing my laptop and the charge always last the entire trip.

6. Clear 1 Quart Toiletries
I can usually fit all my toiletries (liquids and non-liquids) in my TSA Bag. In order to make it through security with your liquid toiletries, they all need to be 3oz. or less. They also need to be in a clear 1 quart bag. I bring them in my carry-on, even if I end up checking a bag. That way if your luggage gets lost or you have a layover, you’ll still be able to clean up a bit.

7. Headphones
You never know when there is going to be a child on the plane. Now, I don’t mind flying with kids, but sometimes they cry, a lot. Which is understandable, you would be freaked out if you were that small too. I like to have headphones with me so that I can drown out the sound if necessary.

8. Protein Bar
You can’t take liquids with you through TSA, but you can take food. I always bring a protein bar with me. Sometimes I’ll bring some fresh fruit or a sandwich too. Airplane food is always pricey and usually gross, so I don’t bother with it.

9. Chewing Gum
Gum is very helpful with flying. When you’re dealing with the pressure changes, chewing on gum can keep your ears from “popping”.

  • Agreed, a portable phone charger is a must!

  • great post and great ideas! I’ve been looking for a portable charger for the longest time, this one looks so sleek and perfect

    • it’s not the exact one that I have, but it’s the same size. I couldn’t find mine online. They are great though! For less than $10 you basically get a backup battery.

  • i totally bring my sunglasses as well, and normally wear them for the first few hours if it’s bright out. and how have i never thought of the portable usb charger? that’s brilliant.

    • When I saw the USB charger at the store, I knew I needed one. I keep it in my purse all the time. It’s so small and compact and has saved me many times.

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