Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose: A Night as Coach & Tami Taylor

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose: A Night as Coach & Tami Taylor

If you’ve been reading Midwest Darling for a while, you understand (and hopefully accept) my obsession with Halloween costumes. I hem and haw about my choices all year and usually end up with multiple costumes. Last year Ivan and I went as Squints & Wendy Peffercorn. and I went as Madeline. The year before I was Lady Liberty. And Mary Poppins. The year before that I was.. Han Solo. And a Tiger. And a Robber.

This year however, I was able to decide on one. Ivan and I went out in DC Saturday night to celebrate dressed as… Coach Eric Taylor & his lovely wife, Tami from Friday Night Lights. Ivan was worried nobody would recognize us, but thankfully that was not the case.


You can’t see it, but Ivan’s hat says Dillon Football across it. I don’t even remember how many times we got stopped to talk about the wonderful show. Plus, everyone kept yelling out “Clear Eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” at us. Oh and “Texas Forever”. It was definitely a hit.

Plus, we were super comfortable all night. No itchy, ill fitting costumes for me. Just normal clothes. Score. I have to say, I think it might be difficult to top next year. But don’t worry, I’ve always got a few ideas.

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  • Such a great idea! Costumes that let you wear regular clothes are always the best!

  • OMG! I’m a huge FNL fan and I love those costumes! Hope you guys have a great Halloween!

  • oh so fabulous people recognised you and yelled out. i have never seen FNL so i definitely wouldn’t have, but i have heard that quote before! and i love that you were able to wear ‘normal’ clothes. one day i’ll watch it.

  • One of my fave shows ever! Love this!

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