Dinos & Diamonds: The National Museum of Natural History

Dinos & Diamonds: The National Museum of Natural History

I feel a bit ashamed that it’s taken me this long to visit the National Museum of Natural History. We’ve been here since mid-May and I just event to the museum last week. You see, I’ve been to the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History and I felt like you’ve seen one natural history museum, you’ve seen them all.

3 And if I’m being completely honest, when you compare the similar exhibits head to head, I feel like the Chicago museum easily outshines the DC one. The dinosaur and mummy exhibits are much larger in Chicago. However, I was incredibly impressed with the Human history exhibits. They have a gigantic section on evolution and it is truly incredible to see. They’ve got Lucy, they’ve got “the hobbit” and tons other skeletons and displays.

6One of my favorite parts was the collection of to-scale models of humans from different times along the evolutionary scale. They set the heads on pedestals so that you can see exactly how high they would have stood. It was fascinating to see how much they’ve changed and just how short humans started out.
8I was also pretty impressed with the skeletons from common animals of today. I know that sounds silly, but it was very cool to see everything is put together. They are animals you are used to seeing, but have no idea just how intricate their bones are.7I’ll be honest, I was intrigued and freaked out by the snake skeletons. I have a fear of snakes and the skeletons were just so… weird. But weirdly awesome.2The museum is also home to this little thing called the Hope diamond? It’s creepy and beautiful and very expensive. It’s worth an estimated $350 million, weighs 45.52 carrots and is over a billion years old.IMG_9659The building itself was beautiful. Oh course. Everything in DC is gorgeous and grand.5And time for a quick selfie. because duh.4So yes, if you’re in DC try and make time for the Natural History museum. I’d recommend  the Chicago Field Museum for the dinosaur and mummy exhibits, but the Smithsonian museum has an incredible human history exhibit. 1

  • Up until I moved last month, I lived within less than 10 blocks from the NYC Museum of Natural History for 4 years…and I never made my way there :( Hoping I’ll find an excuse to visit soon, this post is reminding me of all of its awesomeness!

  • I’ve been there so a few times it’s seriously great and I mean I love museums in general but I’m glad you had fun!


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