E. Shakti Review

E. Shakti Review

I was contacted by EShakti to do a review of one of their products. However, these opinions are entirely my own.

Have you guys heard about eshakti? At this point, I’m sure you have. They’ve been all over the blogging scene. It’s a company that tailors their clothing designs to fit your needs. You start out with a basic template and then are free to change things like the length, sleeves and neckline. Personally, I think this is genius. By making the dresses customizable, literally anyone can find something they like. They stock sizes 2-6X on most of their items, so they truly have clothing for every body shape.

This is how my dress was shipped. When I removed it from the bag, it was incredibly wrinkled. Now, I realize this can’t really be avoided, but I just wanted to let you know not to expect to wear it right out of the box.


I changed the dress length on mine (I went with mini) and you can see where that falls. They also adjust their dresses to fit your height, so I would think the mini would fall on everyone at the same spot.


I really like the fabric and I think the dress has a great look. The only issue I have is the buttons. Let me start this by saying, the dress was a little too tight in the bust. However, it wasn’t horrible. First the button across the bust came off. Which, I can live with. It was tight. But then two more buttons fell off. I promptly fixed them all and now everything appears to be fine. After close inspection on the buttons, I found that they weren’t sewn on their very well. Once I tightened the threads, I didn’t have anymore issues. You might want to be wary of that. I’ve tried one of their dresses in the past that had a zipper and it was perfect. No issues at all. But just be wary of the decorative buttons.