Five on Friday: 3/31/17

Five on Friday: 3/31/17

New Orleans, Here We Come
Our trip to New Orleans is almost upon us! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. I’ve wanted to go for so long, but it just never worked out. Ivan’s got a conference there and his work is letting me tag along for the ride. Does anyone have any suggestions on things we should do? I’ll have all day to wonder around while Ivan’s busy, so I’m working on a list of things I want to see. We will be staying in the French Quarter, so we’ll be right in the middle of all the action.

Trying Out New Recipes
I try to cook dinner at least 5 days a week, so we try out new recipes pretty regularly to keep things interesting. This week we found a couple of dishes that will definitely make their way into our regular rotation – Silky Mushroom & Feta Fusilli (courtesy of Canadian Living) and Quinoa Enchilada Casserole (courtesy of Damn Delicious).  I made fresh pasta with my kitchenAid for the first dish and it was so, so good.

It’s funny – Ivan and I have both hated mushrooms for as long as we can remember, but we’ve really been enjoying them lately. It’s funny how your tastes change with time. The quinoa dish was also fantastic. It tasted just like enchiladas. I altered it a bit – added chicken and used this quick homemade enchilada sauce (courtesy of Gimme Some Oven) instead because I didn’t have green sauce on hand. I’ve made enchilada sauce before, but this was the easiest recipe I’ve found. All you really need is chicken stock and some staple spices. So easy.

On a Reading Kick
I’ve been on a reading kick the past few weeks and have absolutely flown through a bunch of books. Does anyone else do this? I won’t pick up a book for a few months, but then all the sudden, I just get in the mood to read.

I purchased a kindle unlimited membership for the current month and have stumbled on some fantastic series.  Does anyone else use kindle unlimited? There aren’t many books from large publishing houses, but there are a ton of indie books. You can follow me on goodreads to see what books I’ve been reading.

Movie Dates
So, I’ve been to the movies twice in the past week. Try not to judge me. On Friday I went to see Beauty and the Beast with my friend Lauren. Anyone else see it yet? I definitely enjoyed it, but you have to realize its a different movie than the original. It really reminded me of a broadway production. Not that that’s a bad thing, I’m just saying. I also saw the new Power Rangers movie with Ivan on Tuesday. That one was good too, but again, you have to realize what you’re getting yourself into. It’s the Power Rangers, so yes, it was campy. However, I thought they did a great job appealing to the adults who grew up watching the show. It wasn’t as cheesy and it was a bit darker than the show. It kind of reminded me of the Transformers movies.

Camping Trip
Our camping trip last weekend was a success. I’m already on the search for some other great places to camp in the area. Does anyone have any suggestions of great camping spots in the DC area?


  • I totally understand what you’re saying about reading kicks! Go through them all the time! Loved Beauty and the Beast ! I hope you have a great time in New Orleans. Can’t wait to read about it. I’ve never been!
    Ashley @ A Cute Angle //

    • Beauty and the Beast was great! It reminded me of a Broadway production. Also, I love that they gave you a bit more backstory :)

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