Five on Friday

Five on Friday

Our First Camping Excursion
We are headed camping for the first time (as a couple) tomorrow morning. We’re driving down to Pocahontas State Park for a night in the wilderness. I have no real reason for choosing Pocahontas State Park… other than it’s named Pocahontas State Park. Who wouldn’t want to go there? My only regret is that the canoe rental will not be open yet. Therefore, I cannot canoe down the river singing “just around the river bend” what a pity. We’re bringing Kidd along with us (my dog) and I know he will just love it. If I’m being honest, he’s 99% of the reason I’m going. I’m a crazy pet parent and I’ll do anything to please that pup.

Beauty & the Beast
Tonight my friend Lauren and I are off to see Beauty and the Beast. Guys, I’m real excited. Beauty and the Beast is my movie. I know every word to that movie. I am 100% serious. I used to watch it daily while doing homework in middle school. I’d alternate between that and Jurassic Park. Odd choices, yes. But anyways, I digress. I love Emma Watson and I love this story and I’m going to cry while sitting there starting at the magic of disney on the big screen. I have no doubt.

Dinner & a Lecture
On Wednesday I met a few friends in DC for a quick dinner and to take in a lecture at GWU. It was a lecture about the discovery of the Griffin Warrior Tomb in Pylos, Greece. It was fascinating. The lecture was given by the two project directors and they were just fantastic. You could tell how proud they were of the dig and how excited they were to share what they found with the world. I’d never been to an archeological lecture before, but I’ll have to keep my eye out for more in the future.

Boarding in Style
As I said above, I’m a crazy pet parent.  We rescued Kidd over a year ago now and I’ve never boarded him. He was at the humane society for 5 months before we took him home and I hate the idea of leaving him somewhere similar. Even for a night. I don’t want him to think we’ve abandoned him. Typically we leave him with my parents, but now that we’re in Virginia, that’s not really an option. Thankfully, other people around here seem to be as crazy as I am about their dogs and I was able to find an amazing boarding option. We went for a visit last Saturday and I just know he will have a fantastic time when Ivan and I go to New Orleans next week. It’s an open play boarder, where they are free to roam and hang out all day. There are also nanny cams so that I can watch him (you know I will) and he’s allowed to bring his own bed. Plus they separate the dogs based on temperament, so he will be with other playful dogs. I know that I’m nuts, but I feel so much better about leaving him somewhere he will enjoy.

Wedding Plans
We finalized all of the large details for our wedding this week. We’ve got our photographer, the location, the dj and the mariachi. We got our engagement photos back and sent out save the dates. We’ve selected the dinner menu, I’ve got my dress, most of my bridesmaids have selected their dresses and we’ve met with the wedding planner to talk about what item rentals we’ll need. It feels so great to be at this point. I know there are still things to figure out, but we’ve taken care of all the large matters. It’s been difficult planning a Michigan wedding from Virginia, but I’ve had my mom and sister to help me. I can’t imagine what it would be like without them – I would probably just elope.

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