Food Network Pit Stop: The Duce

Food Network Pit Stop: The Duce

When we were in Arizona, we visited a couple of different food network restaurants. The first one we went to was The Duce. The Duce was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and it’s unlike any place I’ve ever been.

It’s a restaurant and bar – but also a boxing gym and a sort of community rec room. They’ve got ping pong tables, a foosball table, cornhole, hula hoops, a 50’s soda fountain, a retro trailer where they cook their food, a sort of tiki bar and a vintage store. IMG_3208

There are retro tables scattered all around the warehouse and you listen over the loud speaker for your name to be called. They require you to use an “embarrassing name” when ordering and then when its time to pick up your food it echoes around the building.

The food itself was amazing. We ordered as a table and tried the brisket sliders, the mac and cheese muffins, the chicken pot pie in a jar and the apple crisp.

They also had a fun drink menu. They got a quite a collection of beers and cocktails from both today and from the past. I tried the cranberry cobbler, which was fantastic.


All in all, we had a fantastic time. I love finding quirky, new places like this. If you’re ever in Phoenix, I’d give the Duce a try!