Food Network Pit Stop: Vinsetta Garage

Food Network Pit Stop: Vinsetta Garage

The Vinsetta Garage is quite the establishment. It’s been on three food shows, The United States of Bacon, Best Bars in America and Bite this With Nadia G.  The folks who own Vinsetta also own Union Wood  Shop and Union Bar and Kitchen, which were both on Diner’s Drive In’s and Dives.

We decided to go to Vinsetta because you can get the famous mac & cheese from the sister restaurant, Union Bar and Kitchen as well as some amazing burgers.

We had the breadsticks as an appetizer. You see that pool of liquid on them? That’s melted butter. Was it healthy? No. Was it good? Hell yes.

I took the bullet and tried the famous mac and cheese. Check it out guys. I can honestly say, that it was the best friggin mac and cheese I’ve ever had. It was all about the crust. Have you had creme brûlée before? The crust on top was almost like the sugary topping on creme brûlée. Except it was cheese. It was crunchy and utterly fantastic.

I got through about a quarter of it. I tried to get a reference shot with my fork. Look at that huge serving. I seriously had enough to share with Ivan and eat it for lunch the next two days.

Ivan had the Pedro Burger. It was a turkey burger, which was one of the better turkey burgers I’ve ever tasted. His fries were pretty ballin too. My macaroni and cheese was better though ;)

As I said before, Vinsetta was also on Best Bars in America. We had a long drive home so we didn’t have any drinks, but they had a great beer list.

I’d say that the Vinsetta Garage lived up to the hype. I wish that we lived closer to Berkley, but it’s probably better that I don’t. Nobody needs that much macaroni and cheese in their lives.

  • That Mac-n-Cheese looks amazing!! Have you ever had Slows BarBQ? As of now that’s currently my favorite!

    • noooooo. I’ve tried to go so many times, but the wait is always absurd. I even tried to make reservations, but they’re always booked lol

  • oh wow, that mac n cheese looks amazing, and what a huge serving!! i love creme brulee, so obviously i need that mac n cheese. and the butter in the breadsticks… mm yum.

    • It was so delicious. It’s honestly a really good thing that the restaurant was over an hour away :)

  • Rachel Dean

    I’ve been waiting to try this place. That bread and mac and cheese look delicious! Thanks for your review!

  • I LOVE their food! So good. I want to say it’s the 3 AM burger I love…it has an egg. It’s probably the best burger I’ve ever had. I dream about it! And oh my – the mac is awesome too. YUM!!

    P.S. Love you blog – can’t wait to follow along!

    • thanks Lauren! I saw that on the menu and debated getting it… but I have a huge soft spot for mac and cheese. I had to go with the mac and cheese. Next time I’ll just make my boyfriend order the 3 AM burger and I’ll get the mac & cheese. win, win.

  • Oh my gosh, that Mac sounds FAB! Where is this located? I might drive just to check it out!

    • We drove over an hour to check it out lol It’s technically in Berkley, but it’s right on the edge Royal Oak. So we got off at the same exit for the zoo.

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