Football, Beer & Bars: What Saturdays are Made of

Football, Beer & Bars: What Saturdays are Made of


God I love fall weekends. Saturday was another tailgating day – MSU was playing Central Michigan and it was absolutely beautiful out. It was a noon game, so we were up bright and early for tailgating. We had quite the turn out, including two of my best friends Jacquelline and Maurica. The little girl I used to nanny for and her family came up for the game too. They moved about an hour away recently, so it was great to see them all again.11222255_10153672147424861_8410333476108500384_o2

Getting up at 6am took it’s toll and Jacquelline and I hit a wall at about 2pm. Thankfully my parents have a superb tailgating spot that features a cozy little area under a tree that is perfect for napping. We took full advantage of it.

Partied too hard at the tailgate. Now it's nap time. #msu #michiganstateuniversity #gogreen #spartannation #naps

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After the game we went home and slept some more. We were rather exhausted. Later that night we went out downtown East Lansing.


Like typical girls, Jacquelline and I tried to get a good “pre going out” picture. Unfortunately, they all ended up like this. Kidd is such a photo bomber.

We went to my favorite bar in the area, P.T. O’Malley’s. It’s actually where Ivan and I met just about 2 years ago. There were a lot of people we knew there, which was fun. Afterwards, we had the munchies and ended up at Georgio’s. If you are from the East Lansing area, I’m sure you’ve had Georgio’s before. They sell gourmet buy the slice pizza and it’s divine. I had a piece of potato pizza and split a slice of tomato/pesto with Jacquelline.

Nothing like potato pizza at 2 am. Gotta love Georgio's. #noms #drunkfood #pizza

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Here’s the last photo of the night. Post our face stuffing pizza session. I have to say, I’m incredibly surprised with how good this pic turned out. It’s probably the best end of the night, 2am drunk photo we’ve ever taken.
IMG_1443Oh, one final note about Saturday night. We took an uber home and when I woke up Sunday morning I checked out my receipt. Unfortunately we were in a surge rate the night before and I ended up paying almost $40 for a $7 ride. I’ll be going back to using local cabs at night. There just aren’t enough drivers in the area to support the demand at 2am in East Lansing. It certainly hurt when I woke up and saw that bill. Never again lol

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  • I would’ve never guessed you were drunk in the above photo. You look fantastic!! If that were me.. oh heavens… it’d be rough! Haha :)

    • thanks Jessie. I normally look a fool, so I was pretty impressed when I saw it the next morning ;)

  • Darcy

    Oh my gosh I hate that they raise the prices during certain hours. Such a rip off!!

    • I should have paid more attention to it – it TOLD me it was a surge, I just was drunk and didn’t think about it. It would have cost us $9 plus a tip to take a regular cab. They are ALWAYS $3 a person around here at night.

  • My kind of weekend! Tailgating is the best! We always sleep the rest of the afternoon too after a noon game – they sure are exhausting – you have to be up so early for those tailgates!

  • That stinks about the uber bill! I’ve never actually tried uber, but stories like that definitely make me think twice.

  • Oh no – I can’t believe that happened with Uber! I love Uber but you’re right – the surge rate can suck.Your tailgating sounds like so much fun! A nap sounds perfect at 2 p.m. after getting up so early :) looks like a great weekend!!

  • We had that same situation with Uber a couple of weeks ago! We went from Detroit to Royal Oak after a wedding which is usually like $30 and they charged us $110 thanks to a surge from the ZBB concert!! We about died when we saw that!

    • I’ve made that trip before with uber and yeah, it’s usually about $30! That’s absurd. I should have known better… But there is NO way that trip should ever cost $110. I don’t care if it’s in high demand or not. That’s highway robbery lol

  • $40!? that is insane. i must say, i quite dislike uber, because of what happened in sydney when there was a hostage crisis and people were trying to get out of the city.. i know apparently they said they didn’t raise prices on purpose blah blah blah but it annoyed me all the same. anyway was that photo for real taken at 2am!? y’all look fabulous and no 2am photo (or any time, if i was drunk lol) has ever looked that good.

    • they ALWAYS do it on purpose. But yes. It was. Usually I don’t let drunk photos of me see the light of day, but that one was alright. I’m usually not looking at the camera and have this creepy look on my face. Like I’m trying to be seductive or something – but really I’m just trying to appear normal. oh well. the struggle is real.