For the Love of Crocs

For the Love of Crocs

I’ve always been fascinated with crocs. Everyone would ooh and ahhh about how comfortable they were, but I just couldn’t force myself to try them. The clunky, rubber look is not a good one.

However, since we’ve been in DC, I’ve been doing a lot of walking. I found myself googling “comfort sandals and “walking sandals”, trying to find something that would save my feet but was still comfortable. I stumbled across the “Really Sexi Sandal” from Crocs. It was sleek and comfortable looking and I just couldn’t believe it. When did Crocs become cute?


I of course ordered a pair and gave them a try. They are everything I hoped they be. They did give me a sore on the top of my foot the first full day I wore them, but I haven’t had any problems since then. There is a rivet that connects the straps that was rubbing the top of my foot. Now that the shoes have molded to my feet more and the straps have stretched out, I haven’t had any problems. I ordered the black, but I wish I would have gone with the espresso. The black is kind of see through and looks grey on my foot. I tried the espresso on afterwards at the croc store and it looked much better on my foot. When it’s time to replace them I’m going with the brown. I might even break down and get another pair soon.

After such a positive experience with the sandals, I did what any girl would do, I ordered more shoes. This time I bought the Leather A-Leigh Wedges. Yes, wedges. Because apparently Crocs makes heels now. And guys, they are kind of fantastic. They are incredibly lightweight and comfortable. I would wear these everyday. I’ve worn them sightseeing, out to the bars, to dinner… they just feel amazing on me feet. I purchased the black and am seriously contemplating getting the brown wedges too.


I’ve been stalking the website, waiting for the release of some new wedges. I have no idea when the next design will come out, but I know that I will be all over it. I’m definitely a newly converted crocs lover.

Trust me guys, check them out. You’ll thank me. So will your feet.

  • I abhor the regular crocs, but I own two pair of croc “shoes” and I will wear them out in public. They’re a dream on the feet.

    I also own a pair of crock flip flops, and they’re basically house flops, but they are great on the feet.

    • I still can’t make myself try the infamous original ones, but I wear the sandals and the wedges everywhere. I see women in them all over DC. It’s like a fun game of I Spy. I had no idea. I feel like I’m in a secret society or something.

  • i own a pair of crocs (open toed flats) and they are seriously so comfy. i need to check out those wedges. and i love the sandals you got!

    • the wedges are amazing. I LOVE heels, but I’m HORRIBLE in them. I am such a wimp. I can’t wear normal heels for more than a few hours before I’m ready to take them off.

  • Those wedges are so cute! I have to make my way to the crocs store soon – I keep hearing such good things about them lately. Especially since I broke my foot in February and have just started the PT process….I do NOT want to have to live in sneakers for that much longer! Comfort is definitely a priority…but so is cuteness!

    xx Lauren

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