gazelle training with 5K Runner & Runkeeper

gazelle training with 5K Runner & Runkeeper

I’ve recently started training to become a gazelle. You see, that is the nickname my boyfriend has given the dedicated, amazing people we see out jogging everyday. We’re in Michigan and believe it or not, there are a few brave gazelles out there that jogged pretty much all winter.

Me? I’ve always hated running. I workout pretty regularly, but I never run. My two best friends are both runners (Lindsay‘s even got a health & fitness blog), but I’ve never gotten into it. I get tired and bored quickly and never really get very far.

However, as you may know, Ivan and I will be moving to D.C. for the summer. We’ve been apartment hunting and options are scare. Options with an in-house gym (in our budget) are very rare. I’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion that I’m going to have to go jogging.

So I decided now that the weather is nice, I should start training my body to run. And you know what? It’s actually been pretty enjoyable. I downloaded this incredible app called 5K Runner. It trains non-runners to be able to run 5K’s. It starts you out with interval training, which makes the entire process much easier. The first run is like this – 5 minute warm up and then you alternate from running 1 minute to walking for 1.5 minutes. You do that (6?) times and then do a 5 minute cool down. Each run becomes slightly more difficult as you progress through the schedule and then after 8 weeks you are supposed to be able to run a 5k.


This is a fantastic resource for a person like me because I don’t know how to run. I know that sounds silly, but I honestly don’t know how to pace my body. Like I said before, I used to get super tired early on in my run and would be ready to give up. I’ve only done two runs so far, but I’ve got nothing but great things to say about it. It doesn’t sound like that great of a workout with all that walking in it, but my legs feel it.

It’s also nice because it alerts you when to switch by voice commands. I’ve heard of interval training before, but I never do it because I hate having to keep track. When it’s time to switch a little voice comes over my music and tells me. It also tells me when I’ve reached the halfway point. That’s something that’s always worried me – I’ll go jogging and then be too tired to come home. I know it’s a silly fear, but I admit to it.

I just wish the app featured some tracking information. I run runkeeper in the background for that. It charts my distance, calories and pace for me. I find it extremely helpful to see this information because it shows my improvement. I’ve used runkeeper for quite a while; whenever I’m on vacation and I am forced to get my workout in with jogging.

But seriously guys, if you’ve been considering taking up jogging, I highly recommend this app. It makes everything incredibly easy and doable.

Do you use apps to track your running or fitness? I also use my fitness pal for calorie tracking and my Garmin Vivofit for daily step counting.

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  • i’m so glad you’ve taken it up and are enjoying it! i actually use the same app, but the 10k version (you start at the same place, you just continue until you get to 10k instead of 5). i use my garmin or the treadmill for tracking and whatnot. i agree though, it would be handy if they had that. because i can put it on and like sit on the couch and it thinks i’m working out, haha.

    • I think I’ll get the 10k version too. I was honestly upset about the thought of finishing the 5k app because it’s such a great setup. So I checked to see if there was a 10K too :) And its true about the vivofit. Mine gives me extra steps all the time. The funny thing is my mother has one too and it hardly ever counts her steps. She doesn’t swing her arms a lot when walking. We’ve determined that’s the problem :)

  • Haha! I love the gazelle terminology! I think I am going to steal that term and use it myself! It’s so good not to use!

    • It is funny. I don’t feel like a gazelle when I run, but I have hopes of one day gracefully running about :)

  • This app looks so cool, what a great idea

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