goodwill Hunting in the Nation’s Captiol

goodwill Hunting in the Nation’s Captiol

You guys know how much I love Goodwill. I just find digging through racks and racks of clothing so satisfying. Plus, when you find something fantastic, you just get this rush. It’s an absolute high and I’m addicted to it.

Last week I hit up two Goodwill’s in the DC area. First I went to the one on South Dakota, which is about a 10 minute drive from our apartment. It’s was possibly one of my favorite goodwill experiences ever. Everyone was super nice and the store was incredibly clean. Plus, I found some great pieces.  I also went on Tuesday, which apparently is 25% day in this magical city. WHY DON’T THEY DO THAT IN MICHIGAN? Anyways, here are my scores from that store.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 3.44.21 PMI walked away with a blue J. Crew skirt (retail $69.50 | paid $4.49), nautica button up (retail: unknown | paid $4.49), Banana Republic beaded sweater (retail: unknown | paid $4.49), Target dress (retail: unknown | paid $6.74). The photo of the sweater doesn’t do it justice – it has gold beaded detailing all down the front. It’s pretty awesome.

The second goodwill I went to was the Columbia Pike store. I found a few things there, but I liked the first store better. Here’s what I found at the 2nd store.

I found this BEAUTIFUL dress by Maeve. It needs to be dry cleaned and pressed, but I’m so happy with it. And, T. Swift wore it. So boom.  (retail: $178 | paid $8.99)


I also picked up THIS skirt for $5.99. It’s kind of a funny story, it doesn’t have a label tag at all, just a small tag with the size. I was working on this post and clicked on preview and guess what happened? The ad featured on the sidebar had a huge picture of the skirt. I have NO idea how it happened, I’ve never even been to that site. Guess it was fate. (retail:  $35.98 | paid: $5.99)

IMG_7583Last but not least, I picked up this super cute dress from the limited. I don’t know how much it originally retailed at, but I found someone trying to sell it  for $80 online. I’m guessing it was around that originally. (retail: 80ish? | paid: $8.99)

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