Impromptu goodwill Shopping Spree

Impromptu goodwill Shopping Spree

My friend Jacquelline and I both love to thrift. We were planning on going to a “girls day out” event in Downtown East Lansing on Saturday, but we were less than impressed when we did a drive-by. Naturally, we decided to skip the event and go thrifting instead. I’m trying to stick to my $50 clothing budget for October, while restocking/updating my fall wardrobe. I’ve cleaned out quite a few sweater and jackets from my closet, so I’ve been on the hunt for some new pieces.

I was pretty successful in my search; I’ve ended up with quite a few quality pieces. For me, thats what I look for when thrifting. The entire process can be so overwhelming; there are SO many items to go through. I try and pick out pieces that don’t have sigs of wear-and-tare and that are made from quality fabrics. That way I’m not stocking my closet up with a bunch of junk that I’ll have to get rid of in a few months.

So, without further ado, here is what I found.


I found this gorgeous emerald embroidered cardigan from Loft. I’ve already tried it on with a few outfits, so far my favorite is when its paired with a fit and flare black dress.


I also found this great khaki jacket from Gap. I found a similar green jacket from AE at this same goodwill last fall and I wear it all the time. I figured that justified me buying a khaki version.  Plus, I already wore it to a family dinner on Saturday.

I also picked up a fabulous teal dressy tank from Talbots, a green “boyfriend t” from target and a gorgeous black strapless dress from Tori Richards. That’s easily my favorite item of the day, but unfortunately it’s still drying from being washed.. so no pictures. I’m sure you’ll see it soon!

I was pretty happy with all my purchases, I got out of there for under $25 and bought 5 items.. including a schmancy dress and a jacket. And that my friends, is why I love thrifting.

What are some of your favorite thrifting finds?

  • I am such a huge can of thrifting. You can find such bargains. I love the look of the khaki jacket. :] // ☼ ☯

    • it looks kind of shabby in the pic, but it is actually in great condition. Thanks for stopping by :)

  • I love that green cardigan!!

  • Awesome finds!! That green cardigan is really pretty, and it sounds like you snagged some amazing deals :)

  • Thrifting is awesome and you really lucked out on your trip! I haven’t been in forever, I will have to plan a trip soon!!

    • its honestly one of my favorite activities. I just love the hunt ;)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • I love Goodwill shopping. I know some people that are turned off by it, but take it to the dry cleaners if you are that concerned.

    My next thrifting trip will be to find an entry table for my house.

    • I mean, sure, there are some things that I wouldn’t buy from goodwill. I don’t think I could ever buy bras or underwear or swimsuits or sheets there. I don’t even know if they sell underwear, probably not. But everything else, I just wash before I wear it. No big deal :)

      Thanks for stopping by!