gordman’s comes to Okemos

gordman’s comes to Okemos

This post was sponsored by Gordmans. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Have you ever been to a Gordman’s? My first experience with the store was in Iowa while visiting family. Like Marshalls or TJ Maxx, they sell name brand clothing, accessories and home accessories at discounted prices. I remember loving my shopping experience there so I was incredibly excited when I found out the store was coming to the Meridian Mall.


A few weekends ago I headed over to do some exploring. Here is the lowdown. They have a large selection of home accessories – everything from photo frames to lamps. They also sell quite a bit of clothing and there is also (thankfully) a shoe department.


I checked out the entire store and quickly decided this might become my new go-to place for workout gear.From what I saw they also stock nike, reebok, under armor, fila, avia and more. They had quite of bit of reebok gear for women – which I happen to love. I picked up a pair of Reebok Skinny Running Tights and some running socks. I’ve actually seen the exact same pants at Marshalls for the exact same price. The socks were definitely cheaper at Gordman’s though. I got a 6 pack of Reebok running socks for $7.99. I’m pretty picky with my workout socks. It’s kind of weird. They are cushioned, have the extended tab on the back so they don’t slip, have a breathable top and have a reenforced heel. They check all the boxes. Can’t go wrong there.


I actually went back the other day to look for a warm black long sleeve layering top to wear under my MSU jersey for the first tailgate. I was able find a thermal waffle one for $7.99. I also purchased an Umbro sweatshirt for $14.99. It’s got fleece on the inside, a fun pink hood interior, wicking fabric and those nifty little holes in the bottom of the arms to put your fingers. You know what I’m talking about? It pulls the sleeve down so it covers your hands when running. It even has reflective stripes on the side.

I hadn’t heard of Umbro before, but there stuff is incredibly comfortable and rather cheap. I guess they sell it at Kohls too. There was a zip up sweatshirt I tried on that was listed for $40 on the Kohls website, but was only $9.99 at Gordmans. I’ll definitely buy more of this brand in the future.


IMG_1042They also had a ton of MSU apparel for men, women and kids. They ranged from $12.99-$50. I found pants, sweatshirts, t-shirts, polos, jackets… everything you could want. I might have the go back and get a quarter zip jacket MSU jacket i had my eye on.

I did not recognize any of the clothing brands in the womens everyday apparel section. I did find some Free County coats for $49.99. I have a free county jacket I got from Sams Club a few years ago that has held up pretty well. I honestly wasn’t crazy impressed with their everyday clothes… I didn’t really find anything I liked. I have a feeling that they get new stuff all of the time though, so I’ll give it another try.

IMG_0622I also found some very cute home accessories as well. If I ever need any knicknacks, frames or things of that nature, I’ll be sure to check out Gordmans.



Has anyone else made it out to Gordmans? What did you think?

  • Oh how I love Gordman’s! Saginaw has one as well and I spend so much time (and money) in that store.

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