H54F: 5k’s, Etsy & A Doggy Birthday

H54F: 5k’s, Etsy & A Doggy Birthday

1. Registered for my First 5K
So last weekend, I registered for my first 5k. I’ll be running the MSUFCU Dinosaur Dash on October 4th. My have a couple running buddies who are joining me, so it should be fun. I’m pretty excited about it.

2. Etsy Revamp
I’ve been working on revamping my etsy store all week. I started it in 2014 and haven’t really put too much effort into it lately. I added a bunch of new listings & updated all my photos/displays. I think it’s got a better vibe now :) I sell custom digital downloads for you to print at home. I do wedding materials, resumes, invitations, decor, nursery art & more.

9x4 to the moon kitchen mockup sunsetfull


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3. Old Lady Mode
I’ve been watching Criminal Minds on netflix all week. It’s kind of an issue. Ivan’s called me out for it a few times. My parents have also been picking on me because they discovered that I save those plastic Chinese food containers. But, they are awesome right? They stack so nicely and are dishwasher and microwave safe. PLUS they store pretty close to flat. Does anyone else keep them?

4. First Tailgate of the Season
Last Saturday was the first MSU tailgate of the season and the law student society shirts came in. I designed them super last minute for the official tailgate, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

5. Buttercup’s Birthday
Today is Buttercup’s birthday. Buttercup is my childhood pet/my baby sister. She’s a yellow lab that we got my sophomore year of high school and she’s just about the sweetest thing on the planet. She’s had some major health issues – including cancer and we thought we were going to lose her this summer. Thankfully, she’s doing MUCH better and we’re able to celebrate another year with her!
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  • Good luck on your first 5k! I started running this year and have fell in love! The best tip I got was to not start out too fast; maintain energy throughout the whole race!

    • I’m afraid that I’m going to get too excited and run too fast at the beginning. I’m pretty good at pacing during normal runs… but I have no idea how I’ll do when you add in all that excitement :)

  • Congrats on signing up for your first race, how exciting!

  • Happy birthday Buttercup! So CUTE! And yay yay yay for tailgating! I won’t even mention that we are tried-and-true Notre Dame fans! Ha ha
    Congrats on signing up for that 5K, you go girl, you’re going to rock it!! I hope you have a spectacular weekend sweetie!

  • I LOVE your etsy shop!! And your logo. girl you have some major talent (just sayin) And that dinosaur dash 5k sounds like it will be super fun!! I love running but I’ve never done a race, I want to!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    • Thanks Candace! I’m super excited about the dino dash. I know I’m going to be super slow, but oh well. It will still be fun :)

  • I could use the Kitchen 101 print! It would come in so handy.

  • Aweeee, your Buttercup looks like my late Charlie. Man, I miss him so badly. Enjoy your sweet girl! I’m doing my first 5K in November with my daughter’s school. I enjoy running but my knees are giving me fits now so I’ll be the turtle surrounded by cheetahs LOL! Happy weekend to you. Visiting from the link up!

    • Amanda, have you gone into a running shoe store and had your stride looked at? I was having really bad issues with my knees and discovered I was wearing the wrong KIND of running shoe for me. I haven’t had any issues since I switched. I have to have wear a running shoe with mild pronation control because naturally land on the inside of my foot. You should check it out if you haven’t – knee issues are awful!

  • Happy birthday Buttercup! Don’t feel bad, I save every container too, and twist ties…. and sometimes I reuse ziplock bags if it was something dry in it haha. And congrats on your 1st 5K, it is a huge deal!

  • Yahoo! A 5K. How exciting. And I love the kitchen conversion chart! I’ve been looking for one, actually. Yours is really cute!! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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