H54F: Crab Cakes & Old Bay Wings

H54F: Crab Cakes & Old Bay Wings

1. Attended the Gold Cup Quarterfinals
Last weekend Ivan and I attended the Gold Cup Quarterfinals for the U.S. vs. Cuba game. It was my first professional soccer game and I believe it was Ivan’s first as well. It was super hot out but we had a great time. Too bad the US lost to Jamaica, we were thinking about making the drive down to Philly to see them in the finals this weekend.

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2. Tried my first Crab Cake & Had “Old Bay” Wings
While we were in Baltimore for the Gold Cup we tried our first crab cakes. I’m from Michigan and Ivan is from Arizona, so they aren’t really a big thing where we come from. Even if you could get them, they wouldn’t be fresh. I’m normally not a fan of seafood, but I really enjoyed the crab cakes. We had them in sandwich form at Baltimore’s Sip & Bite.  Then, on Monday night we drove over to this sports bar in Arlington for 59 cent wings night. They have 40 flavors to choose from and I just knew I had to try Old Bay. It’s like a way of life over here. Everything has Old Bay on it. And you know what? The wings were delicious.

Old Bay Wings. Only on the East Coast. #wings #oldbay #barFood #dcEats #DCnoms #foodblogger #blogging

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3. International Spy Museum
Today, I’m finally going to the international spy museum. I’ve had my eye on this one for a while and I was able to get a great deal for the museum through Gold Star. Tickets are normally $21.95 but I was able to get one through Gold Star for $6. Have you ever used Gold Star? They have deals on tickets for all sorts of things. It’s worth checking out. They also occasionally send you gift cards for making pervious purchases. That’s how I was able to snag a ticket for $6. It was originally $12 ($16 with fees) but they emailed me a $10 coupon for using them in the past.

4. My Brown Wedges For Coming!
Do you guys remember when I expressed my new found love for crocs? I’ve been contemplating getting the brown wedges since I purchased the black wedges, but I still couldn’t make myself fork over $60-$70 for a second pair. Well, they are currently on sale on amazon for $38 (you can also get them at 6pm if you prefer) So naturally, I scooped them up. They are arriving today. Honestly, they are so comfortable. I walk around in them all day and don’t have any foot pain. Which is crazy, because I’m such a baby when it comes to heels.
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5. Testing out this new Conditioning System
I have so many issues with my hair. It’s thin, its fine, it’s greasy and it’s dry at the same time. The bottom / ends of my hair are fried and dry, while the roots are super greasy. I have to wash my hair every day because of it. Which means I have excessive heat damage too. I regularly use dry shampoo, but I want desperately want hair that I don’t have to mess with on day two. I have a friend who has similar hair to mine and she recommended Macadamia Oil Flawless, a 6-1 conditioning system. It’s supposed to be this miracle shampoo that deep cleanses, detangles, moisturizes and refines texture.. among other things. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m hopeful, but I am skeptical at the same time. Has anyone used it? Apparently it was in birchbox at one point.

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1. TEN by Gretchen McNeil

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  • I had no idea crocs made such cute shoes. I know they get a bad rap for those big ugly things they came out with 10 years ago but those you bought are actually really cute! Bummer that the US lost but yay for your first game! Happy weekend :)

  • Sounds like you’ve had a great week! The international SPY MUSEUM!?! That sounds SO freaking cool!

    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

  • Say what?? Those are Crocs? They are adorable!!! And that’s a great price for them. And the Spy Museum is so cool! Can’t wait to hear what you thought about it. I’ve spent so much time in that part of town because the convention center is close-ish, and I’ve been to many a conference there! HAHA! The only part of DC I can walk around in without Google Maps ;) Hope you had a fun weekend!