H54F: Date Night & Dresses

H54F: Date Night & Dresses

1. Dinner at Lost Society
Wednesday night Ivan and I went out for a “fancy” dinner. We went to Lost Society – where we had drinks and appetizers during happy hour last week (PSA announcement for all DC friends – 1/2 all apps, 1/2 all drinks & $2 drafts during happy hour).

3This time we did their “Prefix Dinner” which consisted of an appetizer to share, 2 steak entrees and a dessert to share. We went with the ceviche for an appetizer and then the bread pudding for dessert. We also tried bone marrow for the first time. I’ve only ever seen it on Chopped. Unfortunately, I was not a fan. I don’t think I’ll be having that again. ever.

142. I Got to Wear my New Dress
I picked up this gorgeous Calvin Klein dress from Goodwill a few weeks ago and I finally got to wear it. It’s a black shirt dress with a double contrasting collar and It made me insanely happy. I felt very ladylike in it.

1 Ignore my broken looking feet in the picture below. It was one of those “are you taking it or not” moments and I was off balance. 
3.  My ThredUp Orders Arrived
My two ThredUp package arrived early. I am incredibly happy with the process. I think I’m going to send one item back, just because I don’t LOVE the way it looks on me. 3/4 items I purchased had “flaws”, but they all were in fantastic shape.

IMG_9002 I purchased a pair of red flats that said they had faded marks, but they look absolutely amazing. I also got a dress that was missing the accompanying belt. I honestly have no idea what’s wrong with the 2nd dress, it looks like its in perfect shape to me. If you’re interested in trying ThredUp don’t forget to use my code to sign up for a free $10 bonus.

4. Navy Yard Fiasco
So many of you know that Ivan is currently doing a clerkship at the Washington Navy Yard. Well yesterday they went on lockdown right as I was dropping Ivan off. If we’d been 5 minutes earlier, he would have been stuck inside the gates. As it was we parked right outside. As we were waiting to here what was happening, about 50 cop cars surrounded us – including the K9 Units and the bomb squad. There were helicopters everywhere… it was literally the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Thankfully it was just a false alarm. They had thought there was an active shooter, but it was just a scare. I was incredibly thankful to learn that nobody was hurt.

5. Early Day Off
Because of the events at the Yard, Ivan had the rest of the day off. We went out to breakfast together and then promptly slept the day away. It was fantastic.

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  • that dinner looks delicious! and I so wish I could do the Goodwill thing. I seriously have anxiety and get overwhelmed when I go in mine. I only last about 5 minutes before I start panicking and have to leave. It’s just so cluttered and disorganized. Maybe other Goodwills are better, but ours is a mess.

  • Meg

    I am loving that dress. Very 50s lady like! Calvin Klein is always good for clean lines and ladylike chic! Also after seeing those food pictures I am hungry again!! Sounds like a great week!