H54F: Hey, I’ve got Some New Shoes On

H54F: Hey, I’ve got Some New Shoes On

1. Finally Found the Right Running Shoes
A few weeks ago I bought a pair of Brook’s PureConnects. I loved them. They are so adorable and sleek and light and perfect. Unfortunately, when I run, they squeeze my feet a little bit too much. They also hurt my knees because they don’t have the right support for my feet. I’ll keep them for gym and indoor workouts, but they just don’t work for running. I purchased a second pair of Brooks (this time directly from the website) because of their return policy. You can try them out for a month and if you don’t like them, you can send them back. But… I love them. I bought Ravenna 6’s and they are just fantastic. I have a bit of a pronation problem and these give me just the right amount of support. And they are cute. Which is uber important.IMG_6767

2. Running My Tail Off
Last week I took it easy with the running because my shoes didn’t fit right. But… with my new shoes I’ve been taring it up. It’s such a kick. I just love the 5k Runner app, it’s been so helpful to me. All you non-runners should check it out. I ran by myself Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then Ivan joined me Thursday afternoon. The last time we ran together, I could barely finish a mile. We ran over 2.5 miles this time and I didn’t feel like I was dying. So proud.

3. An Awesome Contest with Minted

I’m so excited that I was given the opportunity to work with Minted.com. I’m so obsessed with that site, it’s not even funny. AND They let me host a giveaway for you guys. Have you entered yet? YOU CAN WIN $100 TO SPEND AT THE SITE. So jealous.

4. 20HappyDaysInMay
I’m joining Taylor from the DailyTay for her Instagram challenge, #20HappyDaysInMay. I’m pretty excited about it, I just love May. It’s my birthday month after all. Plus, I’m obsessed with Instagram, so it’s a perfect fit.

5. Kindle Love
Dear Kindle, I’ve been neglecting you and I’m so very sorry. I’m behind by 3 books in my goodreads reading challenge because I’ve been slacking big time. So this week I’ve set aside some extra time for some reading. It’s so fantastic. Don’t you just love to read? I love getting swept up in a good book.

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