H54F: Navigating DC Life

H54F: Navigating DC Life

Guys, D.C. has been fantastic. I’ve spent most of my week meandering around the city and figuring my way around town. I’ve been a lot of walking – but I’ve also mastered the subway and sort of figured out how to drive in this craziness. Most of my time driving is spent getting yelled at by my GPS for missing my turns/exits, but oh well. I even get lost when I’m walking. I swear Apple Maps has no idea what it’s talking about. The other night I tried to pick Ivan up and it kept changing my destination. He then sent me his current location, and that kept changing on him. Very stressful. But anyways, on to my high 5.

1. The Library of Congress
The other day I decided that it was time I saw some tourist attractions. I’ve been trying to pace myself, because I know that Ivan wants to see them too. But.. I was itchy to get started and made the 1.5 mile walk down to the Library the other day. It was so fantastic. I cannot even describe the feeling I got walking it. You can get out all my pictures here.

Today's #DC adventure… the Library of Congress. #DClife #washingtonDC #libraryofcongress currently

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2. Union Station
Another place that I saw this week was Union Station. I walked down their to get dinner the other night when Ivan was working late and was enamored with it. I did some people watching while I ate my dinner and I found it really entertaining. Just the difference between the tourists and the residents is hilarious. I cannot image getting so used to a place like that, that you don’t even look around. All of the locals just breezed by, eyes straight ahead. Have you guys ever been there? How do you not even look around? Craziness.


I LOVE this place. I could sit here and people watch all day. #DC #DClife #unionstation

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3. The US Botanic Gardens
So on Wednesday, I went to the Library of Congress…. and Ivan got a little bit jealous. So I tried to find something on Thursday that he wouldn’t want to do. Which lead me to the Botanic Garden. It was drizzling and grey outside, so there weren’t many people around. I took the train in and then walked back home – it was about 1.7 miles. If you’re ever in DC, I’d recommend this place. It was like a wonderland. It’s right next to the Capitol, so it’s easy to get too and it’s free. I’ll have a complete post on this next week. Seriously, I can’t wait to share all of my pictures!224

4. Dinner With Ivan’s Co-Workers & Bosses
On Monday night we went to dinner at Ivan’s bosses house. He’s got a clerkship with the Navy – that’s what brought us to Washington. It was his first day, so we didn’t really know anyone, so we made a lot of introductions. There were people there from all over the world; they are having some kind of conference right now, so everyone is in DC. We met people stationed in Italy, Guam and all sorts of places. All in all, it was a fun night.

5. Finally Had Some Down Time
Thursday night was the first time that Ivan was home at a reasonable time all week. He’s had afterwork commitments, so we haven’t really had much time together. Last night we got to go have dinner together. Nothing fancy – we just walked down to Five Guys, but it was nice to be abel to unwind together.

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  • I always want go to DC, I want to know about Union Station!

    xxx June

  • Wow, you’ve really gotten out and explored. I love D.C. and could spend weeks there exploring. I too have always loved Union Station.

  • Love Botanical Gardens! So beautiful, and so often free! :)