H54F: Moving Forward

H54F: Moving Forward

1. Photos from the Cedar Point Run & Ride 5k
So I’m such a sucker for race photos. I love combing through the pages and pages of photos, trying to spot myself. I’ve never actually purchased them before, but I bought 3 shots from this 5k.


It’s unfortunate that it was so bloody hot. As you can see, I was quite sweaty. Oh well. It is what it is. I really need to work on smiling for the cameras though.

Elegant Wedding Dresses

It’s the first time I’ve actually ran beside my friends during a race and they were only $4 a shot. Plus the backdrop of the roller coasters is pretty kick ass. I bought 3. I didn’t realize my eyes were shut in one, but oh well. They are still good shots.66302495-2597

2. We Found an Apartment
We finally locked down an apartment in DC. My mom and I made a quick trip down last weekend to tour it and we put down a deposit on the spot. The place isn’t technically in DC, it’s in Old Town Alexandria. It’s right beside a metro stop, within walking distance of a dog park and two separate “downtown” areas – Del Ray and Old Town. I’m extremely happy with both the location and apartment and am incredibly relieved to have everything settled.

3. I Now Drink Coffee
It’s finally happened. I’ve take up drinking coffee. I still won’t drink it hot, but I’ve been making my own iced coffees at home and have been loving them. I bought vanilla and carmel syrups and have been experimenting with the all week.

4. New Responsibilities at Work
I’ve been given more responsibilities at work. I’ll be taking over some inputing / computer work, which is going to result in a raise for me. Which couldn’t have come at a better time. Moving is expensive and it’s already taken a toll on my savings.

5. Furniture Projects
I’ve been going through all of our furniture and deciding what I really want to take with us to DC. I don’t want to move pieces that I don’t love, so I’ve decided to redo one of our dressers. I’m giving it a modern makeover to fit with the rest of our bedroom furniture. I’ll post before and afters once it’s done!


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  • Cedar Point is such a fun place! Welcome to the coffee club :)

  • Love your race photos! Looks like a fun race! I’m working on becoming a coffee drinking also, still not a fan at the moment, haha!

  • i will never give in, and i will be a non coffee drinker until i die! haha. jk. who knows. i love combing through race pics as well, and no matter if i try to smile or not, i never actually look like i am smiling in the photos. congrats on the apartment!!