H5F4: Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

H5F4: Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

1. Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner
So since the last High Five For Friday, I have won not one, but two things. Kidd and I won a new leash from the brand new Doggy Bakery in town and then I won tickets to an Art Gala After Party in a few weeks. I won the tickets by attending the Hob Nob at the Broad event last friday.


2. Budget: Week #2
It was my second week budgeting / meal planning and I was able to stick to my plan. I’ll post about it in more detail on Sunday, but my budget was $60 and I spent $60.06. I’m calling it a win.

3. My Second 5k Race
I signed up for my second 5k race – the Screaming Banshee. It’s on October 25th and part of the proceeds are being donated to the Capital Area Humane Society – the place we found Kidd. I’m pretty excited, because now I know what to expect. I’m going to spend the next couple weeks training so that hopefully I can beat my time from the Dino Dash.

4. 70 Sales on Etsy
Well, I made it to 70 sales on etsy. I’ve gone through spurts on etsy where I really push my advertising, but then I fall off the wagon. I think that if I really put my mind to it, I could do a lot more business on the site. I’ve just been so busy!

5. We started Obedience Classes
Well, we started obedience classes with Kidd. He already knows it and lay down, but we’re now working on “come”. I really want him to learn how to walk on a leash and not drag me along like a wild thing. I have dreams of running with him, but there is absolutely no way I could do it now.

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  • Cute pictures!! Yay on your etsy sales and 5k sign up! I’m a fan of both. Lol. I hope you have a most glorious weekend beautiful!!

  • WOW! I’m super impressed by your $60.06 food spending!! I’m going to have to come back and see your detailed post about it on Sunday. I need to revamp my food spending…. I feel like I can’t bring it down any lower! It might be time to break up with Kroger and try Aldi or something. Have a great weekend!

    • I love Kroger. I go to Aldi’s when I can… But the closest one is about 20 minutes from us. They are opening one about 10 minutes away next month though. I’ll shop there more when it’s closer!

  • congrats on 70 sales, and good luck for your 2nd 5k! how exciting. I am loving following along on your budget, I totally want to do that. 6 cents over, definitely a win!

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