High Five For Friday: Dinner Dates & an Etsy Purchase

High Five For Friday: Dinner Dates & an Etsy Purchase

High Five For Friday is a weekly feature hosted by Lauren Elizabeth.

1. I Had a fantastic dinner date with a lovely lady
On Monday night, I had a dinner date with my best friend, Lindsay. We’re both very busy women and unfortunately we’re on different schedules so we don’t get to see each other often. Thankfully, we were able to squeeze in a girls night dinner this week.

2. Time with my sister and nephew
On Sunday, I spent the day with my sister and nephew. Again, I don’t get to see her nearly as often as I’d like. She’s been redecorating a playroom for Miles, so she had me come over for some input. Alicia, if you’re reading this, it looks great!

3. My awesome new planner arrived!
I ordered this awesome planner from another Michigan-based etsy shop, Ninj & Ninj. It was a closeout because it’s an academic planner for 2014-2015, so I got it for $5. Can’t beat that. Isn’t it fantastic?


4. Introduced the boyfriend to the magic of “free cookie Wednesday”
I don’t know if you guys have Max & Erma’s restaurants where you are, but we have one in East Lansing. It’s like an Applebee’s or a Chili’s. On They make delicious cookies that you can buy for dessert and on Wednesdays, you get 2 free cookies with each entree. I always get the 3-course combo (soup or salad, burger & fries and a cookie for dessert) for $8.99. I took Ivan there for dinner on Wednesday. We don’t get to go out and sit down for dinner too often, he’s just so busy with law school. It was nice to just be able to relax and spend some time together. Although he had to go back to the law clinic until 2 in the morning.

5. I got a few good workouts in
I’ve been pretty busy lately; I work full-time, I’m trying to get my etsy store off the ground, I’ve been blogging everyday for #blogtober, I’m trying to learn spanish… and then there are everyday things like grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, etc. I don’t always have the spare time to get my workouts in. And… you know that I don’t exactly like working out. But I’ve really been making an effort again and I’ve gotten some good workouts in this week. I’ve moved over to the ARC trainer from the Elliptical; I feel like I can do that for a longer period of time for some reason. I don’t know, what do you guys do to keep in shape?

  • Ahhh that planner!! SO bad ass and I love the colors. Only $5??!! You scored a sweet bargain there :)

    • I know! They are normally $25 and I’ve been eyeing them for awhile. When I saw that they were $5, I immediately jumped on it.

  • Kathleen @ House of Polynesia

    I totally just bought that planner last week because I saw that it was on sale too, and it has the perfect saying to stop slacking hahaha.

    Aloha, Kathleen | House of Polynesia

    • Isn’t it fantastic? I couldn’t pass it up for $5. I had been thinking about purchasing it when it was $25… so when it went down to $5, I knew I had to snatch one. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Hi Sarah! I just found your blog and I’m a fellow Michigan blogger as well! Love that planner…and I especially love the deal you got on it!

  • I need that planner! Amazing!

  • Your planner is freaking awesome!!! So cute!
    I’m struggling with my workout motivation too lately. But just stick with it! I’ve just been thinking – you have to make time for it because it’s important. That seems to be helping me stay more focused. And once I get a roll going, that helps too!

  • Love the floral detail of the planner! GREAT PRICE!

    And niece and nephew time is the best! I got some of that last weekend!

  • Your planner is fantastic! I kinda need it! :)

  • That journal is so cute! I love it