High Five For Friday: Back in the Swing of Things

High Five For Friday: Back in the Swing of Things

1. DC Apartment Hunting
Ivan and I spent last weekend in DC. We toured 7 different apartment complexes so that we could get a better idea of where we’d like to move. We narrowed it down and had a great weekend. It was probably our last mini vacation together until late July- Ivan’s got law school finals coming up and then he’ll have to study for the bar. So it was nice to take some time together before things get too crazy.

2. Lunch at Saddleback
On Wednesday my dad and I had lunch at Saddleback BBQ. It wasn’t my first time there, but it was the first time my dad had been there. It was delicious as always. It’s in REO Town, a part of Lansing that has been staging a comeback for quite awhile. It’s still a little rough around there, but I see great things coming.

3. Spring Weather
We’re finally getting some nice weather around here. We’re all loving it, but Kidd is in heaven. I’ve been taking him for longer walks and he’s been able to burn off more energy. I just wish he’d calm down so I’d have an easier time walking him.

4. Tackling My Hair
I’m trying out some new products to help deal with my super annoying hair. I’ve got thin, fine, weak & oily hair. I have to wash it daily (or load it up with dry shampoo) and it’s just irritating. I know its bad for my hair to wash it everyday, but it just gets so greasy. And it’s greasy because I wash it everyday. Catch 22, I know. I had been using a daily clarifying shampoo because that seems to clean my hair the best. But I also know that it’s striping the good oils out of my hair and is probably contributing to my scalp producing more.

Anyways, I’m trying out a few new products – Avalon Organics Strengthening Shampoo, a Boars Hair Brush & Biotin supplements. I’ve used the Avalon Clarifying shampoo before and loved it, so I thought I’d try out their strengthening shampoo.  I’ve also taken biotin in the past and it seemed to help, but it made my skin breakout. I bought a different brand this time, hopefully I’ll have better results. The boars hair brush is new for me; but I read that they are super gentle and help move the oil from your scalp throughout your hair. Which is good, because my ends are pretty fried. I condition them whenever I shower, but they still need some help.

5. Back to Running
I’ve been finding my grove again with my running. I ran indoors during the winter, but I didn’t really push myself. I’ve got a 5k (The Hard Cider Run) exactly a month from now and I’m hoping to beat my best time. We’ll see.

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  • yay for running and spring weather :) i have been taking biotin for a couple of weeks and it definitely made me break out immediately as well. thankfully it didn’t last more than a week or so, and i just drank a crap ton more water and it seemed to even out. i haven’t noticed any amazing growth or whatever, but i will take photos at 1 month etc. my hair is super thin and annoying as well, i feel you!

    • My skin is super sensitive, so I’m hoping the breakouts won’t happen with these new pills. They probably will though. It’s good to know it got better after a few weeks :)

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