High Five For Friday: Baskets, Baseball & Barre

High Five For Friday: Baskets, Baseball & Barre

Today I am doing a guest blog post with Lindsey at Have Clothes Will Travel. It’s a travel post about my favorite apps to use on trips. Be sure to check it out!

Now, back to my High Five for Friday.

1. Go Nuts: A Night out with the Lugnuts
We had a long overdue date night on Tuesday. Ivan’s officially done with law school, but now he’s started his Bar prep course, so he’s busy again. Still, he was able to squeeze out some time on Tuesday to take me to a lugnuts game. The Lansing Lugnuts are our local minor league team.

I used the game as an opportunity to test out my awesome new camera lens. We were a good distance away from the field, but I was able to get some good shots. I’m pretty happy with the zoom on it :)

That’s the mascot, “Big Lug”. He’s having a dance off with an enthusiastic fan.

2. My First Barre Workout
I signed up for these popup fitness workouts this summer. I get a text every week with a new activity and location. This was the first week and it was a Barre workout. It kicked my butt. I would love to sign up for an actual barre class in the future. I’m sore all over, which is what I want after a workout class :)

3. More Bling for Crosby
My baskets for my bike arrived this week. Aren’t they darling? I rode my bike to work today and my laptop/work bag fits perfectly in the back and my purse fits in the front.

4. Doggy Playdate

I brought my friend’s dog Copper over for a playdate during my lunch break this thursday. We had our barre class that night and she had school all day, so I brought her puppy over to burn off some energy.

Those two are just too adorable. They are definitely best friends and they wore each other right out. Just like I planned :)

5. Hard Cider Run
Last Saturday morning, I ran my first 5k race of the year. They posted the pics from the event later in the week and I actually found one that I’m happy with. That’s the first time I’ve ever liked a photo of me running.


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Weekly Workouts:
Saturday  – Run – 3.12 Miles
Monday – Run – 1.55 Miles
Wednesday – Run – 3.12 Miles
Thursday – Barre Class

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  • Darcy

    Minor League Games can be so fun! Cheap tickets, cheap food, and a fun place to spend a few hours!

  • Wow! You did great with all that running! Well done and have a great long weekend!


  • I love your bike! It’s so cute and the basket looks great. I also ran my first 5K this month and then ran another the next weekend because I liked it so much! Have a great weekend :-)


    • thanks Amanda! I’m a bit obsessed with it. And I love 5k’s too. I ran my first EVER race last October and squeezed in two more that fall. This one was the first one this year though. It’s such a rush :)

  • That bike is super cute. Did you get any hard cider after your run, is that why they call it that? :)

  • There’s just something so fun about a night out watching the Lugnuts. I don’t get there often enough and always forget how great a time it is. Love your bike! The baskets are perfect.

  • that is an awesome photo of you running! i have only a couple that i like as well. running is not a pretty sport. so cool you liked barre! i only did it once (at the Y… so was it ‘real’ lol) and it was so hard and I was so sore! have a good weekend :)

    • I’m dying. I’m so sore. But.. it makes me feel like I actually got a good workout. And, yeah. Running is not a pretty sport.

  • Great job. I love the idea of pop-up fitness. Your dogs look like they really enjoyed the playdate.

    • Yeah, I really love the pop up fitness class. I get bored easily, so it’s nice to be able to mix up my runs with a new activity :)

  • I would also love to take a Barre class! Minor league games are so fun too! Dropping by from the H54F link up!

  • Minor league games are great! And your teams name cracks me up! We’re the 51’s (for Nevada..area 51), but you definitely have us beat! Hope you had a great weekend!

    • yeah, the Lugnuts are pretty funny. It’s supposed to honor Ransom E. Olds (of Oldsmobile). Lansing is his home town. But it’s just silly. I’ve come to embrace it though ;)

  • Your new bike looks awesome!! I love that it has TWO baskets :)

    • Thanks Corie! I figured I’d put them to use in DC. I’ve been riding to work too – the back bag is perfect for my work bag :)

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