High Five For Friday: Pupusas & Apple Crisp

High Five For Friday: Pupusas & Apple Crisp

1. I made it to the semi-finals for the PS Print Holiday Card Contest.

So, remember last week when I told you that I entered the PS Print Holiday Card Contest? Well, the semifinalists were announced and I made it! You can vote for me here :)

2. I had my very FIRST Pupusa. 

For lunch on Monday, Ivan and I decided that we needed some EL Oasis in our lives. You see, El Oasis is this Lansing food truck thats been around for years. It never moves, it’s basically always open and it’s got incredible food.


I’ve only recently discovered this place; so I haven’t worked my way through the complete menu. I stuck with a basic (YET AMAZING) burrito and Ivan went with a torta & a pupusa. He offered me a bite of both of his items and being the girl that I am, I wasn’t shy at all about stuffing my face with his food.

IMG_4239Let me tell you about that pupusa. I am certainly not an authority on them and I don’t know if it was truly authentic or not (apparently its a Salvadoran and this was a Mexican food truck), but it was fantastic. It’s like this thick, spongey tortilla filled with pork, cheese and magic. I will be buying one of those every freaking time I go to this truck.

3. It’s officially Fall and I got to wear my boots.


So, I am in love with a pair of boots. It’s true. I bought them last fall. I spotted them across the DSW and I ran over to them without any sort of shame. I then immediately bought them, even though they were the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever bought. I believe, I paid somewhere between the $130-$200 range, but truthfully, I block it from my mind. I hope I didn’t spend $200 on them. But people, look at them Aren’t they lovely? I cannot tell you how happy they make me. Is that sad? Probably. When I first bought them, I pranced around the old apartment wearing them. Randomly. I wouldn’t be going anywhere, I just wanted them on my feet. And now, I can wear them once again. If you want these lovelies, because, why wouldn’t you… I found a ton of listings for them on ebay. I couldn’t find any actual stores that still carried them though. They are Franco Sarto Imply Boots.

4. I went apple picking AND made apple crisp.

So last Sunday I went apple picking with my friend Jacquelline. Then on Monday night, I made apple crisp. Although, I took it over to my boyfriend’s place for him and his roommate to eat. I don’t need an apple crisp staring at me every time I walk into the kitchen.


 5. I started putting up Halloween Decorations

I love October & I love Halloween. I’m so excited to be able to pass out candy this year (I’ve been in apartments the past few years) that I’ve decided I’m going to go all out with the decorations. Here’s what I’ve got so far. I was inspired by a post I saw on Pinterest :) Please excuse the horrible picture. I ran out side in my slippers to snap a quick photo of my progress.


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