High Five For Friday: Blog Updates, New Tunes & Painting Parties

High Five For Friday: Blog Updates, New Tunes & Painting Parties

1. Tweaking the Blog
So now that I’m back into my normal routine, I’ve had a bit of time to tweak my blog. I created a new header and I finally found a better way of organizing my Michigan & Travel sections of the blog. Before I just had a list and now I’ve got these great thumbnail links. I saw this on Tieka’s blog (Selective Potential) and loved. It took a bit of searching to figure out how to do it (I had to try a few different plugins), but I got it to work.

I also made myself some matching social media icons (on the sidebar). It’s pretty sad. I’m a graphic designer and was just relying on the WP plugins to do it for me.

2. Finding Time to Read
I used to read all the time. I ran a book blog for a few years and I would average about 125 books a year. But then I got busy and reading took a back seat. I read a measly 15 books last year. For me, that’s nothing. I’ve been trying to fit more reading time into my schedule this year and so far it’s working. I’ve made it through 8 books so far. The other day I brought my kindle to the gym with me and used it while I was on the elliptical instead of watching tv and listening to music. It was actually 10 times easier with the kindle. I exercised for 30 minutes without even noticing it. Normally I watch the clock like a hawk, but I was so sucked into the book that I didn’t even notice.

3. I found a new CD to obsess over
Don’t worry guys. 1989 is still on heavy rotation in my car. But have you heard Ella Henderson’s debut CD? I’m loving it. I can definitely be spotted screaming along to the tracks while driving around.


4. I was a good car owner
So I’m a horrible car owner. I never get oil changes when I’m supposed to, I never rotate my tires… never do any kind of preventative maintenance. Well, I bought my first new car in July and she is my baby. Audrey is a 2014 Ford Focus and I love her. I got a fantastic deal on her, I never would have bought new otherwise. Anyways. I got my oil changed exactly when I was supposed to. I tried to get my tires rotated too… but I couldn’t find my wheel lock key. It was buried in a bag in my trunk. I had no idea there was even such a thing. Apparently they can’t rotate your tires without it. It’s a safety measure… ya know so hoodlums don’t run off with your wheels.

5. Went to my first “Ultimate Painting” Night
My old roommate invited me to “Ultimate Painting” at the Lansing Loft. It’s a timed painting competition and auction. There are 3 rounds of 12 painters. They are given 20 minutes to make magic. Everyone is given the same palette to start out with and they cannot use mechanical devices (no spray paint). I’m going to post more about this event next week. It was a great night :)

IMG_5872 IMG_5901


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  • Your thumbnails look great. Are you on Blogger or WordPress?

    • WordPress! I used to be on blogger… but I like how much freedom you have on wordpress :)

  • I use to be horrible about keeping up with the maintenance on my car too. Then I got married….my husband has instilled in me the importance of keeping up with all of that. I don’t like to admit it to him, but it does make a big difference! ;)

    • It really does make a difference! I’ve been trying to keep up with everything :) Thanks for stopping by!

  • I could fiddle with plugins on WordPress all day! It’s such fun to play around. I get such satisfaction knowing that I managed to do it! The new tweaks look so great. I’ve never heard of Ultimate Painting, but it sounds like such fun. Thanks for linking up with us on H54F!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  • Your header is too cute!

    Thanks for linking up with us for H54F!!!


    • thanks! I had to change it a little bit because I was having coding issues. Hopefully I can work them out and then have it exactly how I want it :)