High Five For Friday: Decorating Fever

High Five For Friday: Decorating Fever

1. My Rug Arrived
I’ve been on the hunt for an affordable, cute large rug. You probably know how hard that is to find. But… I finally found one on amazon. I wanted to use amazon, because I still have gift cards left from that christmas card contest that I need to use up. I want to do a room reveal soon, but I still am waiting on my curtains to get here. So for now, you’ll just have to look at the rug on the listing.

2. Ladies Night With Harry Connick Jr.
On Sunday night my mom, sister and I went to see Harry Connick Jr at the Wharton. It was fantastic. Here is the full recap.

3. I’ve Been Working on Decorating the Master Bedroom
I’ve been on a major decorating kick and I started tackling my bedroom. My mission with these updates to make everything look beautiful, but keep it from looking too feminine. Ivan will be moving in sometime in August and I don’t want to have to change anything at that point.

4. Double Dates
On Saturday Ivan and I doubled with one of my best friends and her boyfriend. We went to the planetarium, which was a fun change of pace. We will be doubling with them again on Tuesday for bowling. Next week is Spring Break for them, so it will be nice for Ivan to have some spare time.

5. Family Dinner
We’ve had some bad luck / news in my family the past couple months and we got some more this weekend. I’m trying to look at the bright side of things and am finding happiness in a family dinner we had on Wednesday. We are rarely all together, so it was nice to have that time together.

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  • Double dates are my favorite! And, yay for decorating. I would seriously do it nonstop if someone else would foot the bill! {I haven’t quite figured that out yet…}

  • I’m so sorry to hear about what your family is going through. My thoughts are with you all. I’m glad you found an affordable rug. They are so expensive! We’ve had some luck at Target in the past.

    Thanks for linking up with us at H54F!

  • I’ve been trying to get my master bedroom completely finished, too! It seems like nothing is ever fully finished.

    Thanks for linking up!

  • It’s so satisfying to get those home decorating tasks checked off. Can’t wait to see pictures as it comes together. Hope you had an awesome weekend!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

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