High Five For Friday: New Camera Love

High Five For Friday: New Camera Love

1. The Birthday Kidd
Kiddo had his fourth birthday this week. I made him a pup cake, we took him to the pet store to pick out presents and we had a small party with my parents. I know, we’re nuts. But it was his first birthday with us and I wanted to spoil him.

Ivan thought I was a little bit crazy, but he’s a good boyfriend and went along with it. My parents got him the best present. It’s a tennis ball launcher made my hyper pet. Ivan loves it too. They have so much fun with it and it keeps Kidd moving, which is fantastic. He’s got so much energy, I love any toy that gets him running.

2. New Camera Love
I told you I was getting a new camera last week and I did. I’ve had a week to play with it… and it’s everything I had hoped it would be. I went with the Samsung NX3000 thanks to a recommendation from Kerri at Cheshire Kat.  It’s beautiful, powerful and easy to use. It’s mirror less and works with removable lenses. I don’t know much about cameras, but this one has the ability to run in both auto mode and manual. Hopefully I’ll learn how to really shoot in manual, but until then the auto mode pictures are just gorgeous.

3. Weekending in DC
As you read this, I’m on my way back to DC. We’re apartment hunting this week in preparation for the big move. I’ve got 7 places lined up, so it will be a busy few days. Hopefully we’ll find something we love and I’ll be able to take that off my plate. I’m excited to be back in DC though, even if it’s just for a few days. It’s such a lovely place.

4. My New Purse / Camera Bag
So, after carting my new camera around with me for a few days, I decided I needed a new purse. It barely fit in my relic bag without any sort of protective case (which is my favorite purse ever) and I am not a fan of big clunky camera bags. I wanted something with a satchel shape, but nothing too big. Something that would fit my small camera, kindle and phone with ease, but I didn’t want it taking over my body. That was surprisingly hard to find. I had found one I liked at target, but all of the purses they had on display at the store were already showing signs of wear. I finally found a similarly size bag on amazon. It’s the Steve Madden Bswank Mini Crossbody. So far it’s great. It’s classic, yet has a little sass to it.

5. Cleaning out my Closet
Ever since we decided on moving to DC, I’ve been doing my best to get rid of things. I’ve got a serious pack rat problem that we simply won’t have space for when we move. I sorted through my closet for about the 5th time this year and sent another bag of items to thredup. I also got rid of our old blender and food processor. I recently purchased a combo unit for Oster to free up some cabinet space. I am keeping my fingers crossed about the kitchen in our new place. God I hope I have a decently sized kitchen. I’ve got so much kitchen stuff it’s absurd.

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  • I love that you threw your dog a birthday party! I make my cat where a birthday scarf and hat. He is not amused. :) Max would actually love the tennis ball launcher too. He loves to run and chase things. I dropped my camera a few months back and it hasn’t worked the same since then. Ugh. I’ll have to take a look at your camera. The pics looks great!

    • Thank you for not thinking I’m psychotic for baking a birthday cake lol And yeah, it’s a great toy – I’ve had good luck with that brand before. I’m kind of OBSESSED with my new camera… I carry it around with me everywhere now. It’s just such a better quality photo than my cellphone. Thanks for stopping by!

      The Midwest Darling

  • Hooray for a new camera! I have a Sony camera that’s mirrorless, and I love the pics I get. I’m not a “manual” camera person either, and I’m so satisfied with the auto shots. Hope the DC trip was good!!

    • I WANT to be a “manual” camera person… But I have no idea how it works. So I’m really excited that this one comes with both :)