High Five For Friday

High Five For Friday

Happy Friday Everyone. This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster and I’m just ready to start the weekend. This weekend is MSU’s homecoming, so we’re doing a big tailgate tomorrow for the game. I’m looking forward to it, but tailgating starts at 7:15 in the morning again. That’s a little early for me. But anyways, let’s get on to the High 5.

1. I entered my christmas card design for the PS Print holiday card contest

By day I’m a graphic designer and I also own an etsy shop, so I spent a lot of my time working on creating pretty things. This week, I finally finalized my entry for the holiday card contest and entered it. For designers, this is a big deal. We’re never truly happy with the final product, I can’t tell you how many little tweaks I’ve made. So it was nice to finally take the plunge and just send it in. Fingers crossed I win!

2. I got impulsive and bought plane tickets to D.C.

One of my oldest and dearest friends is now living and working in D.C. I’ve been thinking about going out for a visit for ages, but never made the commitment. She’ll be back home for christmas, but I’ll be in Arizona meeting my boyfriends family, so we’re going to miss each other. All of this lead to the impulsive decision to just pick a weekend and buy the tickets. I’ll be flying out in late November for a weekend. I’ve never been to D.C., so if anyone has any suggestions on what I should do or see, I’d love to hear them!

3. I got impulsive again and planned a trip to Toronto

Still riding the wave of my decision to visit D.C., I also planned a November trip to Toronto. I have an Uncle who lives right downtown and I’ve yet to visit. Sad, I know. So I broke out my trusty calendar and circled a date. Ivan and I will be taking on Toronto Thanksgiving weekend. Again, If anyone has suggestions on activities… I’m all ears.

4. I got to spend some quality time with my nephew

My only sister had her first baby in April and he’s just about the most adorable thing ever. We got to spend some quality time the other day, which I just love. He’s always got smiles and giggles for his Aunt.


5. I Resurrected my Blogging Life

I began blogging as book reviewer in 2010. I had a pretty successful blog and had built relationships with authors, publishers and readers. I ran the blog actively for 2 years and then got a little burned out. I was a full-time student and working full time and the blogging got to be too much. Earlier this year, my best friend started a health and wellness blog and she’s just been having a blast and it made me miss blogging. Now that I’ve got more free time on my hands, I’ve decided to start blogging again. This time I’m going to add more of my personal life to the blog, in addition to the occasional book review. I thrilled for the fresh start and look forward to sharing it with you all!

High Five For Friday is a weekly feature hosted by Lauren Elizabeth.

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  • Oh my goodness how precious is that little one?! We are both impulsive, I decided I needed a change so I traded in my car and then chopped off all of my hair. Sometimes you just need to do something a little spontaneous in order to enjoy life :)


    • I agree Monica! I’m normally not impulsive, but I decided to just go ahead and book my trips. Otherwise, I’d probably never go.

  • Welcome back to blogging!

  • Sounds like you’ve had a full week! There’s so much to see in DC–I love all of the historical monuments and buildings. I definitely recommend visiting the National Museum of American History! Also, welcome back to the blogging world!

    • I definitely want to check out some museums, I just don’t know which ones :) I’ll keep the National Museum of American History in mind. Thanks!