Hoopla Digital: Free Digital Streaming Service

Hoopla Digital: Free Digital Streaming Service

hoopla instagramHoopla Digital is an online rental site for audiobooks, ebooks, CDs, tv shows and movies. Your library has to have access to it, so unfortunately it isn’t available to everyone. You can check to see if your library has a subscription here.

The Good: Hoopla is completely free. You are allowed to borrow 8 titles a month, which is more than enough for my audiobooks. There is an app that you can download so that you can easily access your content on the go. Unlike OverDrive (another digital service available at my library), there aren’t waitlists – you can download anything at anytime.

The Bad: The library isn’t very extensive. Hoopla adds new content regularly, but it’s often things I’ve never heard of. I’ve found a few books and series that I’ve been waiting to read, but there aren’t many options. Plus, the site layout needs some help. However, the biggest downfall I’ve found with the audiobooks is that they don’t always work. They cut out regularly on my phone and at times I have to reopen the app a few times to get them started. I’ve also had a problem with the books skipping around. You’ve got to keep an eye on the timeline.


Overall Opinion: I’m all for free content and I like that you don’t have to wait for popular titles like you do on overdrive. The 8 title maximum is kind of a buzzkill if you’re using it for tv shows, because from what I can tell each episode counts as a download. I certainly wouldn’t pay for the service, but if you’ve got access through your library it’s a nice bonus.


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