How I Got Organized in the Kitchen

How I Got Organized in the Kitchen


I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but like most adults I’ve always struggled with budgeting, planning & staying creative. I would pin these amazing meals and then forget about them or I would try and cook them and find I didn’t have the right ingredients. This would leave me staring blankly into the kitchen cabinets at 5:30 everyday hoping that inspiration would strike.

Then I found Pepperplate. Have you heard of Pepperplate? It’s an absolute game changer. This amazing website comes with an integrated app that syncs with all of your devices that use wifi. You can store all of your recipes in one place, where you can  categorize them and sort them by ingredients. This is ideal for budgeting.

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Have some extra chicken breast from one meal? You can easily find all of your cataloged recipes that use chicken breasts. You can then workout a weekly meal plan with those recipes you find. You can import the recipes manually or select auto import for a variety of websites like, &

Once you’ve got your meal plan set, you’re ready to make your shopping list. Don’t worry, pepperplate has got you covered. Just simply click the “add to shopping list” button on the recipe page and it’s done. It even automatically separates the items into categories.  I’m telling you, total time saver. You can then use the app on your phone to check off items as you shop.

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Once it’s time to cook your recipes, you pull it up on your laptop or tablet and it’s all there for you. The app (phone / tablet) even has a built in timer. If you’re cooking more than one recipe at a time, you can easily switch back and forth between the tabs. You can even set multiple timers. You can also automatically scale down a recipe. So if you’re only cooking for two but have a recipe for six, pepperplate will take care of all of the conversions for you.


As silly as it sounds, this app has changed the way I plan, shop and cook. I’ve always got creative meals planned out and the ingredients I need on hand. I rarely waste food and I love using the clean interface when following the recipes. I manually import recipes from blogs and then everything is in the same, clean, easy to read format I need when I’m trying to get dinner on the table.

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