It’s Tulip Time! A Girls Weekend in Holland & Saugatuck

It’s Tulip Time! A Girls Weekend in Holland & Saugatuck

This saturday was my 26th birthday and Sunday was mothers day, so my mom, sister and I decided to head to the Saugatuck/Holland area for a girls trip. We took along my two year old nephew, Miles and rented a cottage at the Dollybrook Resort. It was the first weekend that they were open, so we pretty much had the entire place to ourselves.

We drove up on Friday and spent most of the day getting settled and relaxing.

On Saturday we drove to the neighboring town of Holland for the annual Tulip Festival. We all went once for Mother’s Day once before, but it was almost 20 years ago. We ate lunch in town and then headed over to see the traditional dutch dancers.

They all wear wooden shoes while they dance. I had a pair when I was little – they are available in all the tourist shops in town.

After the dancers, we went over to the gardens to check out the famous tulips. They had just about every color imaginable.

I of course took pictures in the tulip gardens. Because, duh.

After frolicking in the the tulip gardens for a while, we decided to hunt down some ice cream. There was this roadside farm stand / ice cream shop near our cabin that we stopped at. They had the best lemon custard on the planet.

We headed back to Saugatuck for dinner. Saugatuck is actually my favorite Michigan beach town. It’s very quaint, charming and full of art galleries and shops. We ended up at Coral Gables, a restaurant right on the water. My sister and I both worked at the East Lansing location of Coral Gables (which was opened by the Saugatuck owners but later sold) so that was kind of fun. We had no idea that there was another location, so we all were pretty tickled to see it.

Afterwards my sister and mom took Miles to the town park and I walked around town a bit to do some exploring. I’d love to come back and stay at one of the bed and breakfasts sometime. They are just too¬†adorable.

At that point, we were all pretty tired. We headed back to the cottage and settled down. The next morning we got up early and checked out so that we could get back to East Lansing and have mothers day breakfast with my dad and Ivan.

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  • Sounds like an awesome weekend! I have never been to Tulip Festival but it sounds like it was a lot of fun, especially with renting a cottage for the night.

    • it was a good time. We drove by the “Dutch Village” which is like a little Holland themed area (like Frankenmuth) and that was crazy packed. I had no interest in going there lol

  • Darcy

    Those tulips are so pretty! What a cool festival to attend!

    • Aren’t they? I love that tulips come in so many vibrant colors. If I had a garden, I’d definitely plant some tulips :)

  • Great pictures! I’m from Michigan too and went to the Tulip Festival a couple years ago with a college friend from Holland – it was very cool!

    • My boyfriend is from AZ and when I told him I was going to go to the tulip festival, he had no idea what I was talking about. He couldn’t imagine that there would be so much excitement over some flowers. He texted me and told me that the festival was “trending” on facebook lol

  • Sounds like the perfect birthday/Mother’s Day weekend. I have been wanting to check out Holland and the Tulip festival because it sounds so nice and the flowers are just so pretty! Glad you guys could make a fun weekend out of it!

    • you should check it out! We avoided “Dutch Village” which is a little Dutch themed park / mall that is an absolute tourist trap. Honestly, Downtown Holland and the tulip gardens themselves weren’t too crowded. I mean there were lots of people, but it was easy to find parking and it wasn’t OVER crowded.

  • Sounds like a fun and relaxing weekend! Those flowers look amazing!

  • swooning over these tulips. what a fun weekend!
    xx, lauren

  • Such a fun girls weekend! We went for a couple hours this past week and it was a blast.

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