It’s Wine O’Clock: How to Successfully Pair Wine with Popcorn

It’s Wine O’Clock: How to Successfully Pair Wine with Popcorn

I’ve been in desperate need of a girls night lately. My friends and I always vow to get together at least once a month, but our busy schedules always get in the way. Last week I decided to finally put my foot down and schedule a girls night. I had recently come across SkinnyPop and heard they had an infographic for pairing wine with their popcorn, so I knew I had the recipe for a perfect girls night on my hands.

So when Tuesday night (AKA Wine Night) rolled around, I armed myself with this awesome chart and hit my local grocery store.

SkinnyPop Wine

They only had two flavors available, which was a bummer. I really had wanted to try Dusted Dark Chocolate and Jalapeño flavors, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen those available before. Maybe it’s a regional thing. Anyways, I chucked a couple of bags in my part and headed over to the wine section.


I needed a Chardonnay for the original flavor and a Malbec for the White Cheddar. Yes, the Malbec also pairs with the original, but I wanted two kinds of wine ;) . I’m more of a white wine kind of person, so I knew what I was doing with the Chardonnay. I had a little more trouble with the Malbec. I don’t think I’ve ever bought Malbec before. I finally picked a random reasonably priced bottom and called it good. After the checkout, I headed over to the readbox and picked up a copy of the new Tina Fey / Amy Poehler movie, Sisters. Because, duh.  It was girls night.

Here are my final pairings. I purchased Colores Del Sol (Malbec) to go with the SkinnyPop White Cheddar and Rex Goliath’s Chardonnay (one of my favorites) to go with the original flavored SkinnyPop.

We all enjoyed both combinations, but surprisingly, I was a bigger fan of the White Cheddar/Malbec combination. Like I said before, I’m not really a red wine person, but the cheddar played off the flavors of the wine beautifully. I’d definitely buy that combination again.

The movie and overall night were both big hits as well. Even Kidd wanted to be in on girls night. It was nice to catch up with my friends and just laugh. Ivan locked himself in his office and when the girls left he finally ventured out. He told me that we had done an awful lot of laughing… which means it was a successful night in my book.

I’m interested to know if any of you have ever tried other flavors of SkinnyPop. I’ve only ever seen the original and cheddar in stores… can you find the other ones where you are located? If so, let me know how they are.

Also try out some of these pairings on your next girls night. The SkinnyPop popcorn clocks in at about 40 calories per 3 3/4 CUPS of popcorn. Can’t go wrong there.

This post was in collaboration with SkinnyPop Popcorn. I was not paid and/or reimbursed in exchange for this post in anyway. The items were purchased by me and the opinions are my own.

  • oh wow, i had no idea they had so many flavours. i have never taken notice if my store had all these flavours, i’ll let you know if i find the chocolate one. i’m not a huge wine drinker, but i do like some sorts of wine and i do like popcorn so obviously i need to test them together lol.

  • Oh, I haven’t tried this popcorn yet. I keep seeing it in the store and thinking about it. I’ve just been waiting for someone to tell me if it’s good or not. Guess I’ll have to grab it next time.

  • I actually won a year supply of it a few years ago. Needless to say, I like it! ;)

  • You had me at “Wine.” Then, you added White Cheddar Skinny Pop (my favorite)? Best post of the day.

  • Rachel Dean

    Two of my favorite things. I could do both every night, well at least the popcorn. Thanks for this info.

  • What a fun idea! I don’t know whether I should pick my popcorn based on my favorite wine or my wine based on my favorite popcorn!

  • This is quite interesting. Thanks for sharing this tip. Might try the next wine party!

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