Lansing Brewing Co.

So I’m forever late in writing this post. We went out to the Lansing Brewing Company during the opening weekend and then I completely forgot to post about it. We’ve been back a few times since then, so obviously I enjoyed myself. I just forgot to let you all know about it.IMG_2205

It’s actually quite a cool story. It first opened in 1897 and was quite a success. They were famous for their Amber Cream Ale, but closed down in 1914 due to prohibition. IMG_2206

Now they’ve reopened (or people using their name) and have recreated that signature Amber Cream Ale. They make quite a few other beers, but I have to say, the Amber Cream was my favorite.


They’ve also got a few corn hole sets and now I hear they’ve got shuffleboard as well. Which let’s be honest, everyone loves shuffleboard.IMG_2208

It’s actually a really large space. In the front room they have a bar and a dining room. I haven’t tried their food yet, but it certainly looked good. Yes I totally creeped on the people eating and scoped out their food.IMG_2212

The back room has a second bar, the games, pub tables and large communal beer garden style tables. IMG_2214I think it’s a great addition to Lansing. A number of bars downtown have closed recently, and I think this will fill the void they left. Plus it’s located close to the Baseball stadium and a number of new lofts and apartments.